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//Dengan menggunakan structur (struct) di dalam C++, bina satu program untuk memasukkan //maklumat...
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Sorting a 2D array using std::sort
Hello, Currently I am sorting a dimensional array using the following cose: #include <stdio.h...
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by jebat
program save data(binary to .txt) in pendrive by using PIC16F877A
Hello everyone.. im really a beginner, i got this project from my advisor and must present it by ne...
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by dorA26
Hey I've just started learning about templates. I neede to create a template for an array. this is ...
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by veeyik
Find the sum of major diagonal of a 4x4 matrix
i need to write a program to find the major diagonal of a 4x4 matrix. this is my code so far. i ca...
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Quick Question
At the beginning of some codes that i see in the book that I am reading, sometimes, this comes up: ...
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by ab123
Constructor Overloading or Default initialization?
Object1(int a, int b) Object1(int a, int b, int c) OR Object1(int a, int b, int c = NULL) ...
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Okay, I got confused on variables. 1. What does declaring a variable mean? 2. What does iden...
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Class Score Calculator
I want to make for the following problem. I have made the program but dont know whats wrong in my pr...
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I am 12 and want to learn C++
Just what the title says. I spend about a month learning the basics of C++ but then got stuck on fun...
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friend function/How to display on of the function Depoiste/Withdraw
< #include<iostream> #include<conio.h> using namespace std; //Class Bank class bank { private...
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by srisri
compiling a c file with functions and c++ file with main together
Hi all, I have my functions defined in func.c file and i am using the functions from func.c in my...
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Operator overloading help!!
I understand the concept of operator overloading but i dont understand what is going on if that make...
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Beginning C++ through Game Programming
I've just started this book, and It starts with the program but it does not say what console applica...
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sth. wrong with (maybe) for loop + upper line
Hi! Again things went wrong and when I was trying to write an IsMagic program,I faced an error. at l...
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Compound interest in for loop trouble
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by dorA26
creating one object
Hey guys, I need to create a class, from which only one object can be created, and if there's an at...
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by veeyik
find the common prefix of two strings
I need to write a program to find the common prefix of two strings. for example. Enter string 1: I...
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how can i call a multidimensional array reference in a function...i have this code and i get the error...
cannot convert char* to char (*) for argument 1 'void proximity (char (*) )' i get the jist but...
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float and double
what are the valid values of float and double? I understood that integer can have numbers from 0 to ...
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