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"Floating Point Exception"
So, I'm trying to finish a program that converts an infix expression to postfix then evaluates that ...
[1 reply] : Take a look at the comments in the code. #include <iostream> #include... (by histrungalot)
Hint Need For Assignment Due Tonight! How to pick out an item while in the loop and nothing else
Hello and thank you in advance for any help. I'm not asking for anyone to do it for me, but some di...
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Need Help looping
I am trying to find a random number in between two variables that the user inputs max and min.I need...
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switch statements
So Im new to C++ and I've been doing really well, BUT IM STUCK Create a program guess a number fr...
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About the maximum and minimum double
Recently I am working with the book "The C++ Programming Language 3rd Edition By Bjarne Stroustrup"....
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Zombie window / blank cmd / hello world
just wanted to start by saying hello and thanks for any help you guys can give me. Okay im very n...
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by dlt
linked list and matching function parameters
I'm trying to write a function that adds an entry to the beginning of a linked list. I've actually p...
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sin program using while (extreme newby)
Hi all. first I have looked and searched and found similar but not quite what i was looking for. I a...
[9 replies] Last: I got it load and clear. anks for the info. I really appreciate it. I ... (by bigman40)
Connect Four Help
So I have this program that uses a C4Col class that will represent the columns of a Connect 4 board....
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Multiplying decimals
I'm trying to multiply a decimal number with an integer. C++ keeps rounding up my decimal before m...
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i need help with the calculation part of this program urgently i am new to c++
#include <iostream> #include<string> using namespace std; int main() { //variables// string G...
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Accessing a vector of class object function
I am trying to implement a vector of a class that when certain inputs from the user are keyed in, el...
[1 reply] : Sorry I cannot explain now but this is the code. You can compare and s... (by Aceix)
Error Converting String to Double
I'm trying to convert a string to a double. I read in from a file into a char array. I took the ar...
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by EZX
Getting a sum of these numbers [c++]
How can i calculate the SUM of all these numbers that show up? the numbers are from 1-100 which can ...
[4 replies] Last: works flawlessly Thanks guys! (by EZX)
File handling
the programme is not compiling &&& showing only a single error tht i culdn't understood.have seen th...
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help: function that displays prime number less than the input
i am struggling with writing a function that displays prime numbers which is less than or equal to t...
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by tcrane
coding using while and sentinel
hi, I wrote the code and it runs correctly. The very end result is the one that I need. I dont wa...
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Final pi not outputting correctly
I have the following program finished except I cannot figure out why the final pi is not outputting ...
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by Clark
Trying to create simple template sum of container
I'm just trying to create a simple sum function template to find the sum of doubles within a contain...
[1 reply] : Error was that second is not a member of list. Rather, it's a member o... (by Clark)
Text adventure
Hello, I made a text application (command line tool) on xcode in C++ that lets you create a text adv...
[4 replies] Last: Or like this. Global variables. So like this? // #include <iostream>... (by Shinigami)
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