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by MOMO1
help with function that calculates area of a circle
Hello everyone, so for this program i have to read names and numbers from the file, from there I hav...
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Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong here? I can find the first 'a' but I cannot seem to find th...
[1 reply] : Lifetime and masking. You have int n on line 2. On global scope. Ac... (by keskiverto)
Creating Program to find fewest coins possible from Cent Input
Hello, fairly fresh coder that is learning to create a program that will output the fewest coins pos...
[1 reply] : Line 17: You calculate the number of quarters correctly, but your oth... (by AbstractionAnon)
rsa repeated key generation
Hi, i try to génératre 10 rsa public and privat keys, i get only a repetition of keys, it génera...
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regarding new and classes
class A{ A(); ~A(); virtual void printstuff(){cout << "A::printstuff" << endl; ....... }; cla...
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Dropping a Score
This program is supposed to take the input of four scores, drop the lowest score and average the rem...
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by CPSC23
Issue getting loop to compile properly.
My instructor asked: Your job is to create a program that takes, from keyboard input: 1. The numb...
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Something wrong with the output (binary search in an ordered array)
Continuation of a problem that I'm trying to solve.. I think that logically I'm about 90% of the way...
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How to obtain current minute?
Hi, everyone. I wanna ask how to obtain current minute in c++? Can someone help to show the simplest...
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by div132
Could use some feedback/help with my code
So I was supposed to make a program that rates ski jumping. User inputs the length of the jump and t...
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comparing objects or strings
I was watching a video on udemy and the instructor checks to see if two strings are equal by using =...
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correct change
Basically, I'm trying to write a basic cash register program where it tells the user the correct amo...
[3 replies] Last: Do the whole thing in pennies. DOLLAR_AMOUNT = 100; QUARTER_AMOUNT =... (by Repeater)
Hi I am writing a program that prompts the user to write a positive integer N and then computes S(N)...
[1 reply] : I am wondering if I have to call a function Yes, you have to call a... (by AbstractionAnon)
How to do a linked list of linked lists? (1,2)
I am trying to figure out how I would make a linked list that contains other linked lists as the nod...
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Reading Strings from a File into a Doubly Linked list
I am working on a program where I need to read data from a file then store each line into a doubly l...
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Function's function
This is kind of a silly question but I came across this question and can't seem to understand how i...
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string stream global variables?
Hi guys, just wondering and this seems odd to me how come you can only use local variables with s...
[4 replies] Last: hi guys thanks for the replies much appreciated, and yes I think I'm ... (by adam2016)
Write your question here. Write a program that show a series of students’ grade point. Each st...
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how to stop infinite loop
I have to submit this coding for school and when I try to submit it, it says, "program end never rea...
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For loops causing bad allic char* error
The compiler keeps giving me bad alloc errors re a char pointer that isnt in the program. Please a...
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