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Pacman in dev c++
can anyone help me to create the pacman game in dev c++ using console application?I am new to c++, h...
[5 replies] Last: // here is the move function for player void move(){ if (!kb... (by jack333)
The file data_sales_cs.txt contains annual salary and quarterly sales data (separated by commas) for...
[1 reply] : Do not double-post. Other thread: (by keskiverto)
by Dani95
Hello i write this func to print the prime number from 2d array put when i enter for example 1 2 3...
[1 reply] : Ah, a followup to: Ple... (by keskiverto)
PPP2 Chapter 21 Drill 1
Code: In the debugger, I see t...
[1 reply] : Both stoi(...) and stod(...) may throw. Note that they throw if the st... (by coder777)
Can somebody assist me with this error I'm getting with pointers
I am trying to create a card game for an assignment, and I'm having a read access error when trying ...
[2 replies] Last: What values have you entered to get a read access error? (by Thomas1965)
How do I move on to the next maze?
Hello everyone, I need to know how to move on to the next maze. Should I create a new function or do...
[1 reply] : One way would be to create a class Map and store the maps in a vector.... (by Thomas1965)
Unable to find data in an array (from file)
Hello, first time poster. I'm still learning this forum type. My code is designed to pull data fro...
[2 replies] Last: no data (it displays this for about 40 more lines, I cut it out) You... (by Chervil)
Make Template Class Return Template Type?
Hello there! Sorry if the title doesn't explain this well. But the code should explain it. So I ha...
[2 replies] Last: Yeah, ha, I'm trying to break away from C functions, but they've gotte... (by Spirrwell)
toggle keypress not continual output
i need to create a toggle switch and detect a keypress but not continually output to the console Up...
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Vector as a data member in Class???
Hi, I'm wondering how to put a vector in a class as like a data member so I can add my own function...
[1 reply] : Looks right to me. (by doug4)
by stav
casting something from 1 byte to 8
When i build and run this program i get no errors: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> struc...
[1 reply] : You do write into (and read from) memory that you have not allocated. ... (by keskiverto)
Help me for duplicate random number.
Hi, I am new here and Im looking for some help. I am trying to make my array without any duplicate n...
[1 reply] : I don't see a question. To respond to your statement "I am trying to ... (by SamuelAdams)
by Shades
Adding libraries, header paths to G++
I am trying to add SFML to my C++ projects. I am running Mac OS, Emacs for my editor and G++ as my c...
[1 reply] : Assuming that the file /Users/Me/Documents/Project/SFML/Graphics.hpp ... (by Repeater)
by orphic
a c++ prog that emails you whats written in it
huy guys i need to write a program in c++ that takes what somebody writes in it (command prompt) and...
[1 reply] : Just use getline to read the user input and store it in a string. To s... (by Thomas1965)
Inheritance. Not really sure were to start on this. Please help!
must create a program that includes user interaction and employs, Object Oriented Programming and In...
[2 replies] Last: Using inheritance is important although it might produce high complexi... (by benhart)
makefile problem with 2 Dirs, 3 header Files
I have 2 Dirs and 3 header files stored in them, as follows: Dir A : contains Header files A and C ...
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Using boost::filesystem
Hi, I am trying to use boost::filesystem libraries for operations like copy directory, copy file, e...
[6 replies] Last: Do other parts of boost work? Maybe this helps? https://stackoverflow... (by Ganado)
by Dani95
find prime numbers in 2d array
Hi... How to find a prime numbers in 2d array and put the results in new array
[1 reply] : (by kbw)
Problem with Switch statement
Can someone explain to me what is wrong with this switch and how I can go about fixing it? class ...
[5 replies] Last: Appa... (by lastchance)
Binary Memory Stream?
Hello there! So basically I'm looking for functionality akin to std::ifstream and std::ofstream, bu...
[2 replies] Last: Someone on this forum (I don't remember who) provided a way to use str... (by doug4)
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