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tripple for loop problem
I can't tell what this is doing. I need a for loop that sums up the product of several arrays. I am ...
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can somebody help me simplify this code please?
can somebody help me simplify this code please, so that i only have to declare each monster and move...
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What is wrong with my program?
#define percent 0.01 #include <cstdlib> #include <iostream> using std::cout; using std::cin; ...
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by takzee
error reading characters of string
#include<fstream> #include<Windows.h> #include<cstdlib> #include<iostream> #include<string> #inclu...
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by Xwow
Question about object spawning and deleting
Hi, I,ve been trying to create my first videogame with SDL multimedia library and used various train...
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split date char array by delimiter
i have a list of date format 1-12-2011 that i get from a txt file. char date ; fstream fin("date...
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Really small doubt
I am confused b/n two kinds of main() functions, int main() and int main(void) and I am somewhat goo...
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Need help with DLL!
I'm trying to make a basic DLL that holds OpenGL then port it to Java so I don't have to deal with t...
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virtual topology design
can anyone send me the c++ code for virtual topology design in optical networks...i have tried mine ...
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by rouvis
manipulate a string into name of a variable?
Hello Everyone. I'm new to programming and I have some issue with my code: I'm not really sure how ...
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Still stuck on trying to expand my program to add an overloaded function to handle floating point numbers
Hi, I'm stuck on the last part of my program. The directions are the following~ Expand the pr...
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Issue with adding a new record to an array
I'm having some issues with adding a record to my array. If anyone could take a look at the AddSong...
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Can anyone help with this program?
Hi I started to learn c++ and I really need help with this program. can anyone help or give me advic...
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Could someone please take a look at why my function isn't compiling?
Hi, I'm quite stuck on this problem I'm having in my code. I'm pretty much following along on this t...
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Look for pair of integer
Please help me out with this problem...... Given a sorted array of 5 integers and a target integer ...
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C++ HELP in character displaying from a string
hi, Im new here :) I want to input a string, say: abcdaa so, the program should output: a b c ...
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Expanding Variadic Template Arguments in Lambda
I'm trying to expand a template + argument parameter list inside a lambda function like this: ...
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what is the primary expression in this case,
I am trying to use five functions in this program and it was working very well untill i introduced t...
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Communication to another computer tutorial
Hi guys, I am looking to broaden my C++ knowledge and was wondering if anyone knows of a noob tu...
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what happens if i use #define abc uint8_t;
[1 reply] : all entries of abc will be replaced with uint8_t; (by MiiNiPaa)
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