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by nik93
facing problem in deleting an item in a file and the output format
i want to create an inventory system using c++. I want to delete an item from my stored items. But I...
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problem with using poiters to pointers
ok so i have this piece of code. else { char maxValue = -100; char **newBoard; for(st...
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2 Problems
EDIT: Solved the first problem 2nd problem: I have created a DLL with VS2010, but when I link the...
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[Problem Call] overloading class string
Hello, I 'm student, studying about OOP in c++. I have problem overloading class string. wanna ...
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Normal C++ VS C++11
Hi! I program apps for windows but recently I've started developing for Mac OS X Mountain Lion usin...
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by ndrew
I/O ouput code
HEY am having some trouble. I'm writing a stoplight controller program and the problem that am havin...
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Help with char*!
Hi! I'm having some trouble with char pointers, arrays and all that stuff. I wrote a simple program...
[5 replies] Last: Thanks, AbstractionAnon! I just replaced the Get function with this: ... (by chrishans)
Refresh Terminal while waiting for user input
Hello, Im trying to write a program that can display the status of the threads that are running an...
[4 replies] Last: Hmmm maybe _kbhit() could do it. If it returns true then u can cancel... (by soranz)
Another attempt, simplified my question
This another attempt at understanding memory allocation and pointers. So here goes. I've created thi...
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by xDJ23x
Program not compiling.
I don't understand why this program will not compile. I know the program is kind of long but I would...
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by ostar2
salt encryption with libopenssl
Hi, I need help with a file I want to decrypt/encrypt with the salt encryption algorithm. I want to ...
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Variable in name
hi im making blackjack in c++ and i was wondering if it is possible to put a variable in the name of...
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i m not able to do this question...
a) Create a class[class CStest] of which only a single object can be made. In the class make three p...
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by cniper
member of class inaccessible
i am writing a program where i have to print float array. here is my header file: #ifndef FLOAT AR...
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by takzee
Error generating header .
#ifndef transaction_h #define transaction_h #include <string> #include "List.h" #include "Node.h" ...
[1 reply] : Some how when I delete the readfile.h in readtransacton_h everything i... (by takzee)
in Visual C++.Switch forms.
hi, I switch from Form1 to Form2 by the following code: in Form1: #pragma once #include "Form...
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c++ plugins need help
hello to all i am looking to add picture in the plugins i an add a text but i cannot add a photo pic...
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Need help with Array Program
I am creating a program where I generate 20 random #'s 1-10 and place into an array. Then I generate...
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Undefined reference to member in custom class
I attempted to compile the following code using g++ and I got the following error: $ g++ test.cpp ...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks vlad, I forgot that I had to define it outside of the class. (by Squirrel96)
problem with binary search tree delete implementation
i'm having a problem implementing a binary search tree delete operation. my logic for the deleteN...
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