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What is the C++ compiler used in the C++ tutorial?
as the title describes, i would like to know the name of the compiler used in the tutorial, the one ...
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by rkk94
getting exact numbers
hey, im working on a problem on project euler where i have to find the sum of all primes under 2 mil...
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Allocate memory - pointer to array of pointers
I want to create a buffer for each channel of audio. The audio is interleaved uncompressed PCM WAV. ...
[7 replies] Last: Your code is very hard to understand, I like to keep things simple. W... (by modoran)
shared Variable in multithread in vc++
Hi all In the VC++ programming language windows api as the threading library; I want to shared var...
[1 reply] : So what's the question ? Global variables (not recommended to use them... (by modoran)
Looking for program that fits 2D shapes together order to form larger 3D structures/shapes. Hi to the cplusplus forum. I have been looking o...
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manipulating .dat file
Hi everybody, I read on here a lot but this is my first post. I have to create a program and after...
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can't index 108th element
Hi all, This has been driving me nuts. There's probably something that already exists to do this ...
[2 replies] Last: ah cheers for that, I've now replaced <cv::Vec3b> with <uchar> it work... (by oliver9523)
trouble with using seekg
Hello, I am trying to input some data from a .csv file. The data file is 4 columns and any number...
[2 replies] Last: Excellent, worked a treat, thank you! (by adhughes)
OpenGL glColor3iv function does not work !
Hi. This is my program: #include <GL/glut.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <time.h> #include <s...
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by viliml
counting occurenes of values
In the last 24 hours there were 3 topics of people who had trouble counting occureces of a value in ...
[1 reply] : Just because multiple people have similar questions, isn't really a re... (by ResidentBiscuit)
how does operator new allocate memory?
It is known that the new operator in C++ allocates block of memory. But it seems that using the new ...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you, Moschops. Your answer is really helpful! (by AndyTruong)
how would i change this so that player follows..
i am currently trying to get the player to follow the mouse in SDL, at the moment i am trying to cha...
[1 reply] : You can use SDL_GetMouseState to get the mouse position. (by Peter87)
guaranty that vector wont free memory
Hi, I frequently write code that needs to over and over add elements to a vector and then erasing a...
[13 replies] Last: [quote=Athar]push_back does not cause reduction of capacity when reser... (by Peter87)
Private accessing problem when overloading(friends)
I've never had this issue before, it's got to be a really simple mistake im missing here but i just ...
[2 replies] Last: Try moving the stream overloads implementation into the header. Edit: ... (by naraku9333)
by ToniAz
Memory Accesses vs. FP Operations
Hello everyone! It's been a shocker to find out the hard way that complicated expressions that ha...
[12 replies] Last: Yes, indeed, I could split it into two, and let the first of the two r... (by ToniAz)
by dancks
Need advice on game design
I have a single player, multiple enemies, one main weapon with 3 optional weapons to be picked up al...
[1 reply] : Here's a thought: I can reduce space and clock and processor usage by ... (by dancks)
what is worng with this program, it wont start at 0?
this program is suppose to start at 0 and go through to the desired number, in this case 500. howeve...
[4 replies] Last: It could be that your console buffer is not large enough to be able to... (by yoreei)
What packages to install for ncurses?
Okay, so I'm a total noob at everything to do with programming, seeing as I have only been using Lin...
[2 replies] Last: Yup, that worked perfectly, thank you! And I meant *Ubuntu 12.04*, not... (by ptrlake2)
Crash after certain point
Hi so this is my first post, Im trying to type a function that will display a linked list. I dont ha...
[1 reply] : I expect you're trying to use a pointer that's not pointing to an acco... (by Moschops)
A lockless, single-producer/consumer ring-FIFO that won't run out of space
I'm very interested in the lockless single-producer-single-consumer multi-threading FIFO queue posit...
[1 reply] : Your code is based on false assumptions. It will only work on some ve... (by Disch)
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