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Question: Vector and Modulus error
Hello all, I'm having trouble understanding the nature of the error I'm getting. I wrote a function ...
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by xDJ23x
Have a couple errors.
I just have a couple errors. Help appreciated! invalid conversion from 'int' to 'Tree*' [-fpermis...
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by arusa
first we enter the name in string then we separate that name character by character then we encrypt ...
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Passing and returning a temporary object
Passing a temporary object to a function works perfectly by const reference, and gives you know warn...
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How do make a file with a custom name?
I want to be able to make a name of the file for my zip to cbr converter. #include <iostream> ...
[8 replies] Last: Right, it's because open is a member of ofstream and not string. (by ToniAz)
Nested Structures/Unions defined in C/C++ header files conversion to XML
I have a structure represented as follows: (Example) struct struct3 { struct structchild4 ...
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C++ errors?
I want to learn programming, and landed at C++ I'm very new at coding, but my problem lies at the s...
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undefined reference to vtable
I am trying to create a blackjack simulation. There are two Player subclasses (SimplePlayer and Cou...
[4 replies] Last: Are you limited to the two subclasses only in the hierarchy? Meaning,... (by clanmjc)
Open GL with Visual C++ 2010
I have problem with doing the graphic- OpenGL, can give some advices as I could not proceed to test...
[3 replies] Last: I am getting know where. Possible to help with the creation of polygon... (by tuanann)
Operator Precedence
Hi everyone. I've some questions about Operator Precedence. 1. What is value of this code. int a...
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maze program rewrite, need help
ok i have a amazing.cpp which works, one must load a file from CMD prompt and have a txt file with a...
[1 reply] : If you want to do this with recursion, consider the following: A cell... (by AbstractionAnon)
MySQL: Connector/C++
Hello people, I want my programm to work with MySQL. I've downloaded the 3rd package from this w...
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by sakthi
Getting problem in char* dynamic memory allocation
I am using Visual C++ 6.0. When I am trying to allocate memory dynamically for a char*, it is not al...
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C++ dllimport works correctly in windows xp but not in windows 7???
Hi there all, We have a web application that generated with visual studio - C sharp, just loaded ...
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This may be a tough one to answer
This is code that I'm working on for a VST audio plugin. Incase people don't know, it's compiled as ...
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Program Structure
Hello, Im a novice to programming. I just wanted to know if anyone could direct me to a site with fa...
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by srbbff
Method for a class with matrices
Hi all, I am new in this forum and a novice in c++ programming in general, so please bear with me...
[5 replies] Last: The intention is to create a matrix with n rows (hence the outer for-l... (by srbbff)
by sprb
calling CUDA API using C
i want to call a cuda API NVGetHWEncodeCaps and write my code in visual studio 2008 and have these e...
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Don't understand implementation of linked lists for stacks
I am having a hard time understanding the C implementation of a linked list for a stack. From what I...
[3 replies] Last: STACK **head is a pointer to a pointer to the top of the stack. STACK... (by Peter87)
First time library - simple file - does not name a type error
Okay so I'm writing a simple program - so far with just 1 header and 1 .cpp file to go with it. I'm...
[3 replies] Last: Well, in C++, if you're going to inherit from an object, that objec ty... (by Moschops)
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