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curious with c++ interact with webcite
I just read about download some file from webcite to generate with c++ function I never heard ...
[2 replies] Last: Im not sure but, u mean somethig like this? ShellExecute( NULL, "ope... (by Riles19)
Creating A Bar Graph
Trying to create a bar graph with negative and positive temperatures, from temperatures uploaded by ...
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Car Class
This is my code #include "stdafx.h" #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <cctype>...
[9 replies] Last: oh wow i feel stupid, lol thanks freddy (by Reaper1)
Try Catch never seems to work
I'm aware that try/catch is platform-specific, but for cross-platform code, what good is it? if I ca...
[2 replies] Last: I don't see what's platform-specific about try/catch. The standard cle... (by Peter87)
Struggling Please Help me with writing this code?
Struggling with this C++ program please I need some help Write a C++ Function void sort3(void) wh...
[2 replies] Last: He basically gave you the code when he gave you the Image file. All y... (by SamuelAdams)
When it debug....
Hello people Just curious 1.write the c++ language 2. Press ctrl+f5 3 <-------------------...
[1 reply] : The preprocessor, then the compiler, then the linker. (by LB)
SFML Window scopes?
Hello, so I tried to write SFML programs with multiple files and when I use a window defined elsewhe...
[9 replies] Last: Thanks. I never though of just using classes and references. (by Pickle Gunner)
Write a C++ Function void sort3(void) which prompts the user to enter three integers, a,b,c and outp...
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by Alt05
C++ Functions II help
Hey guys, the functions section is really giving me hell and I need some help with this code for a m...
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How would i implent this into the BattlePhase part of the program?
I tried to implement this into both my monster and battlephase but i could not figure out how t...
[2 replies] Last: im trying to implent moves into the battlephase (which i cant figure o... (by brandonator)
by BandK
C++ Date...Question
How to make program that user write dates and program display all dates after 21.12.2012.
[3 replies] Last: Example of my problem.... I use linked list struct list{ char name... (by BandK)
creating an inheritance hierarchy that a bank might use to represent customers'bank account
//BankingSystem.cpp #include<iostream> #include<string> using namespace std; class Account...
[12 replies] Last: hi darkestfright, thank you for taking your time to reply me. l do hav... (by noranata)
by odlumb
Given HWND of a SysListView32, how do I get contents?
Years ago I knew some of this stuff, I've been away from it too log, apologies in advance for being ...
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How do you insert void IO() code into the five different functions to make the menu work 1) Write...
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Vector iterator not incrementable
I'm trying to get elements from a vector to get deleted once they hit a certain range. .lib fil...
[7 replies] Last: Alright thanks, it works. (by Callum5042)
bisection and secant method
i am needing to implement the bisection and the secant method of solving for the roots of multiple e...
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Is this coding write Please check for me
I need help big Time I am having trouble trying to do this assignment Write a C++ function void tri...
[1 reply] : Put your code in code blocks with proper indentations. Tell us what pr... (by nano511)
Problem getting the constructor to work
When I try to get this to work, it keeps saying vectorA was not declared in this scope? #inc...
[1 reply] : You should be declaring member variables outside of any functions. Usu... (by nano511)
SFML View Problem
I want the Camera to stop when the camera hits the edges of the map. Here is the code i have to stop...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you! And if its not too much trouble could you tell me if you se... (by nano511)
Code works excep for menu please help
My Whole Code works but Im having trouble with my int main Options menu can some please check that f...
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