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Problem with ifstream and stack usage
Currently, I'm trying to use the following piece of code to open a file for reading and then closing...
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by noo1
using an inline function to calcualte stock value
I am soooo lost. Please help me. I have to write a program which uses an inline function calculateSt...
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fstream doesn't detect eof
New to Visual C++ 2010 Express but not to C++ programming. I am trying to learn fstream coding. I w...
[1 reply] : why it does not recognize the eof because the end of file was not re... (by Cubbi)
Need help
i need help guys !! i want to rotate an array 1 dimension (unidimensionnel) to 90 degree void R...
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I'm not sure if this is right
I need some big time help with this Code please help? Write a recursive C++ Function unsigned long ...
[1 reply] : tribonacci is it the name of some mathematicion?:) unsigned long tri... (by vlad from moscow)
How to create a SQUARE
Hi guys, so I am stuck with a problem on creating a program whose input is a single integer, which w...
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Overloading an operator*
I am learning C++ basics in a class at school, and the professor provided the following example of o...
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Help On Written Function
I need help big Time I am having trouble trying to do this assignment Write a C++ function void t...
[1 reply] : Diophantine equation allows the variables to be integers only.... (by ne555)
random number generator - mersenne twister
Hello forum, I have a small physically based renderer where one of the most important task is to ...
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no error but no output
I wrote this code. It does not give any output. Output screen opens but it is an empty window #inc...
[4 replies] Last: ok i tried and it worked thank you. the problem is about the issue tha... (by noktalivirgul)
One of the functions I'm struggling with to write?
This is one of the functions I'm struggling with to write and I don't get please help me so I can ...
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by craime
do u think this is possible?
calculator which is able to send and receive message even able to see recent activities help me on t...
[4 replies] Last: i would like to use blackberry apps connecting using Ports and Pin cod... (by craime)
Template return type
Hi. template <typename T> class Vector3D { public: T x, y, z; ... }; template <ty...
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Searching through files issues
Hello! Im new to this forum and Im having some issues with this program, Im new to coding and I woul...
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How to pass type char in function with parameters
Hello everyone! I'm trying to do somethig like this #include "stdafx.h" #include <iostream...
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Problem with Link List, This is written in C and not C++
[7 replies] Last: Cire, My apology, stubborn me kept thinking that you are giving me r... (by mendozae)
by sabi20
Need help with sorting array
In this exercise, you will write some code that reads n unique (no duplicates!) non-negative integer...
[1 reply] : Use an array of integers. int wasReadIn ; Instead of setting tru... (by elementary)
Help w/ Passing of Parameters & Constructors
Hey everyone, I've been using SFML to make the classic space game. Originally I had everything perta...
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too few arguments to function 'int getData (int)'
not sure what's going on. I'm trying to pass a single argument to a function for the purpose of col...
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Problem with pointers, VS says int is null?
I am writing a sale compiler for a garage sale my debate team is managing, this is the secondary com...
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