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by JOzier
Repeat Character Array
I'm having a little trouble writing program that on remove all repeat characters and leave only th...
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hopefully pointing in the right direction
Hey Y'all, I just finished a homework assignment and was hoping to get another set of eyes to glance...
[1 reply] : create a pointer, initialize it to the beginning of the array data ... (by MikeyBoy)
Need HELP!!!! passing structure arrays to functions
Description: Use functions and structures to simulate storage in a warehouse */ #include <cstdl...
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I need help with my Projects Knight fighting
I'm having trouble writing a main() It needs to include 1. ask 10 questions 2. create two knights...
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by helnow
Permutation and combination
I keep getting error on this code, in know it's the cmbo(k-1,r) giving me the error, but i don't k...
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