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Need some help with a project please!!
hey everyone. been trying to figure out this assignment but cant quit get it. what i need to do is ...
[1 reply] : I would read the data into a pair of the form <int,string> then I woul... (by Script Coder)
Passing arrays.
Hello, everyone. I am having an error at line 21. Specifically the code where it says "list =x" ...
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linux and regex?
so im compiling with g++ 4.8.1 using the -std=c++11 flag, and i may have found a bug. using this cod...
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"Viewing" a Function With Multiple Arguements
Hello. I am making a program and I have multiple functions. for example, it looks like this: func...
[3 replies] Last: You mean... like printing the source code? Like you would actually wa... (by Disch)
pointer trouble!
Hey Y'all, I'm having trouble with this homework problem. I got the first part down which is why you...
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by Disch
C++ Unit Testing Frameworks
Anyone know of any good ones? I've used NUnit for C# and python's unittest module. I assume ther...
[2 replies] Last: From my experience (which may be subjective), boost.test, google test,... (by Cubbi)
html parser
Hi everyone, I'm making a program to download the html of a website. There is information within ...
[2 replies] Last: Hi, Unfortunately the website has no API. I'm using libxml2 but I'm ... (by rozick1)
Anything wrong with this c++ code?
I don't know what i'm doing wrong. I did everything perfectly and it's showing massive amounts of sy...
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by gemic
Boost serialization
Need some help with my program. Im trying to create a ReadFile function that will read all the info...
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by tegi00
Help with Linked List template testing
We're supposed to test a linked list class template that is provided for us but I'm having trouble f...
[1 reply] : You need to test for two conditions with first(): when the list is emp... (by TheDaemoness)
by AMG
Insane problem regarding variables in an if statement
Hello, im new here and i am having a problem thats driving me absolutely insane. Long story short, i...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks to the both of you. The mistake was so simple yet when looking ... (by AMG)
Odd numbers help
i want know the 5 distinct odd numbers from 1 to 20 the sum of these 5 numbers must be Equal to 50...
[1 reply] : No it is not possible. odd+odd = even odd+even = odd therefore: odd... (by Disch)
Redirecting child process I/O to std::stream
I found out how to do it with Boost, which I'm pretty sure is the closest to a standard-C++ soluti...
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Logical Error somewhere?
During the initial period, when the heater is not yet functioning at peak efficiency the heating wil...
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ambiguous call on overloaded variadic template operators
Hello! When compiling the code #include "tensor.h" int main() { Tensor<2,-2> m = {...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks! Now it's clear how the variadic templates works, the strip fun... (by Viktor Jonsson)
A really simple (for you people) question about "setw" statement.
How many spaces does "setw" statement leave? (more like "How this statement works?") I coded like se...
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by Tomhet
Y real 90 degree
ey I made a camera with OpenGL The camera works with adding XYZ directory I need [-90,90] degrees...
[7 replies] Last: I think I finally see. Let me rephrase: You have two positions: Cent... (by keskiverto)
by cody
Im trying to swap the values of an integer and a character, however Im not sure where to insert the ...
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What's wrong with what I am doing?
doing this program for class. it came up with the error message:error LNK2019: unresolved external s...
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