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by rlnsig
cumulative quotient
What i want to do it have the user put in a number, and then prints the answer of the number divided...
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Return array function HELP!
Ok so I have homework that I am working on, but I cannot figure out what is wrong. I made a function...
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Does this program have a pattern sequence?
In the below program, i and l diverge when the input string contains a tab. i is a counter to iterat...
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by leo255
Having some issues with my Error Output File
This program is basically supposed to read data from a file, and then process that data depending on...
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writing text to the opengl window
Hi; I'm trying to write some static text to the opengl window without using any external librarie...
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Insert character in a string
Hi, I would like to insert some character after each number of my string I found how to insert ...
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by lams
binary tree
Hello everybody, i need help on a binary tree am working on. The program should read a list of keys ...
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Help: C++ Multiple Choice Questions and answers
Here is the file: Here is the file wit...
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by y0xuz
URGENT Scheduling Mutilthreads
Hi all, i am ecnountering a very complicated (atleast for me) problem with threads. my main f...
[1 reply] : The scheduling of threads is inherently non-deterministic. Why do you ... (by helios)
by Plavsa
Reading from a file goes wrong.
Hello. I started making something for my class and the thing im getting stuck with is this function:...
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Problem with arrays
Hello, I have a problem, I cant change my arrays dynamically. I'm using Codeblocks for IDE and ming...
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need advice for more features on my map editor
Hello Guys, I am currently working on a tile based map editor. I made a video containing the featur...
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Need some help
I am working on a program that asks the user for a first name but the characters have to be all alph...
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by harook
C++ Pointer to a function error
Hello, I've been having a problem I can't seem to solve on ym own whole day. I'm really new to C++ s...
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sizeof vs #define
In the below example, it seems that sizeof line and #define MAX_LINE will always pass the same value...
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How to put input in quotes
I am working on a String compare program and i got the program to work properly i was just wondering...
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Confused about class access labels!
If we define classes like this: class base { private: int a; protected: int b; public: ...
[1 reply] : a can be accessed by base only . b can be accessed by base and ... (by Disch)
please find error in my code if any an give me output
#include<iostream> #include<stdio.h> using namespace std; int main(){ char str ; int i =0; int ...
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I'm confused -.- Please help
Make a program that will ask the users to input 4 different numbers. After the user’s input the p...
[5 replies] Last: **All inputs are integers except average which is float with two deci... (by Catfish666)
What's wrong with my code ?? Please help ! I'm stucked with this thing !
#include <stdio.h> #include <conio.h> main() { int circle; int a; printf("To compute...
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