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by vrakas
Long long in array
I just have this question: I friend old me once that i would have problems later if i stored long l...
[2 replies] Last: long long is a C/C++ fundamental type. So I did not see any problem ex... (by vlad from moscow)
triangle classification help plz
Hi everybody, I'm just looking for some help as I have seem to of hit a brick wall :(. Here are my i...
[2 replies] Last: I don't know how to add into the script that I have written now to ad... (by Chervil)
by beymey
LUA script to C++ code
Hi how can i convert this into c++ code function Click(sender) start=readInteger("fixedmain.ex...
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Doubly linked list using dummy node.
HI all, I am creating a doubly circular linked list using dummy node. I have a variable "anchor" of ...
[6 replies] Last: That's just a convention, using a `circular' list will prevent invalid... (by ne555)
C++ data structure for text editor
Hi, I am writing a c++ implementation for text editor for the below operatios 1) create an emp...
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Just a little bruteforce number I need help with
#include <iostream> #include <string> #include <ctime> #include <limits> using namespace std; //---...
[3 replies] Last: Also this line doesn't look valid to me: if(password >> 9223372036854... (by Catfish2)
Merge Sort
Hey there something is wrong with my code it does not produce the correct output is merge sort ...
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Hi... I've use this code to define a new structure. Here's my code: struct drag { int x, y; dr...
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Write to a file and read from a file
I have created a class and a few objects using constructors, I am simply trying to create code that ...
[3 replies] Last: Any ideas? (by WranglerYJ)
Make this run till it reaches max
This will run once with no problems. But if I switch the while condition then it goes to infinite lo...
[3 replies] Last: this is why it always helps to have multiple eyes. thanks a ton. I'll ... (by skittlesaddictx50v)
by vlc25
sort question
Hi if I want to sort a radix, what does it mean to sort it by using lists. Example if I have the num...
[1 reply] : See (by JLBorges)
Insertion into linked list failing
I am trying to insert into a linked list, but when I insert two numbers and the second number is sma...
[6 replies] Last: Like vlad said, the allocations are useless. You don't need to alloca... (by Betray1st)
Help with minimax algorithm
Hi. I'm trying to implement the minimax algorithm described here:
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write an interpreter in c++ programming language
can anybody help me explain how to write an interpreter in c++ programming language?
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Can't find what I am missing
Hello, please accept my apologies if am posting this in the wrong place. The problem is that when o...
[2 replies] Last: Here it is, this is what I believe is causing me the problem. I am sti... (by Estaiferd)
How to remove comma from input file?
I have this problem that require some help.. I am making a program that reads data from a .txt fi...
[4 replies] Last: Here is an example of one of possible realizations { std::string s(... (by vlad from moscow)
My Program Is Considered A Virus
Hello, I recently ran a virus scanner and it considered a program i made a "Trojan Agent" I did no...
[3 replies] Last: Make sure you're not distributing the debug version of your program. A... (by Athar)
by talya7
Counting spaces in order to output
Using C programming. How do i go about counting spaces in a string? I am suppose to be able to outpu...
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Adding an Event Handler.
I've got some code embedded in a class as follows: Reader::Listen(CSource* source) {__hook(&R...
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help me please
I need help to solve these questions ==============================================================...
[2 replies] Last: //try this and solve the remaining questions in this manner. #include... (by learntogether)
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