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Metric tons program
I know this form says no home work aloud but I need help I can't figure this out. The program I'm tr...
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Boost ASIO async operation
I have read the tutorials from the boost docs. I care more about the async operation framework. ...
[1 reply] : > Should I create a timer whose expired time is 0 No; the tutorial ha... (by JLBorges)
A program using array. It doesn't work well!
#include <iostream> using namespace std; void getScores(double testScores ); void showMenu(); cha...
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by fmad
A better way to define class id
Hello. Currently I define class ids as follows: class Base { public: static unsigned typeId() {...
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Need help please!
I'm trying to get it to calculate the students final grade for the class. I can't get it to work. Be...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you so much! That worked perfectly. (by Brandon33310)
Draw a line
Hello everyone, I have been searching how to draw a line (horizontal and vertical) using ncurses, bu...
[3 replies] Last: Perhaps this might help: #include <ncurses.h> int main() { //Init... (by timh1970)
Would you class this as a bug;
Ok, so this was my bad as I did a rookie off by one error, but this should not have happened anyway;...
[13 replies] Last: You are a star! -Wall doesn't make a difference on its own but g++ T... (by timh1970)
Weather Code Help!
Could someone help me solve this. Not sure why it wont keeps freaking out on me. I think my compiler...
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by Axrdf
CMake and Gtest
Hi guys. I know the topic is not strictly connected with General C++ Programming but there is no ...
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by subba
How to use C++ Classes in C
How to use C++ classes in C source code. I want to declare a C++ object in C source code and call ...
[1 reply] : If the C++ type is not a PODType , (by JLBorges)
Using a header file on an online compiler
Is it possible for a C++ program run on an online C++ compiler to include a user-defined header file...
[10 replies] Last: The scheme outlined above works well for multiple header files as well... (by SSteven)
A little help with calculating the area of a square and circle
Hi all, I am having a bit of trouble when I run my program calculating the area of a square and c...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you guys very much. I am a beginner in the world of C++ and I a... (by Jdawg32)
Why does fstream operator<< return basic_ostream<char>&?
I overloaded my class' operator<< to accept a file stream and a class object fstream& operator<<(...
[8 replies] Last: Sometimes I think the implementation won't change... but if I need som... (by gedamial)
how can i do that
i need to write a C++ program that outputs all distinct points from a given list of 10 points.where ...
[3 replies] Last: When searching the array as in function PointInArray() above, no nee... (by Chervil)
Run out of memory!
Hello, I was recently running a self-made programm in C++ and I got the following message during exe...
[11 replies] Last: Glad it is working. For what you appear to be doing you can loop roun... (by zaratustra)
Why is my "Universal" Constructor called twice? (1,2)
Look at this code template <typename T> class MyClass { public: // Copy Constructors MyClass(co...
[28 replies] Last: This is so subtle! Thank you very much... I think I'll get away from ... (by gedamial)
build c++ project
Hi! Can you help me building this game? :
[1 reply] : have you downloaded and built boost on your machine? is there any chan... (by jonnin)
can't find .h file in dir next to it
Here is the tree left (top) to right (bottom), up and down = || "Tutorial" app folders Shaders----t...
[2 replies] Last: I did (before your post), but couldn't get it working Now your sugges... (by technologist)
Generate random numbers and create function with more than 1 return
So i want to create a function that generates 2 random numbers and adds them together. And also retu...
[2 replies] Last: vector<int> yourfunc() //function that returns more than 1 integer, ... (by jonnin)
Trouble with Code::Blocks and C++11 standard
Hello guys, at first: I'm not completely sure if this is the right subforum, so please tell me if...
[6 replies] Last: Oh, it was the Code::Blocks path you meant... OK, that explains why it... (by olfibits)
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