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That would be a great name. Someone make a petition.
This thread is the petition!
Renaming the Lounge to the Playpen seems appropriate.

Yes the playpen LOL.

off topic chat is off topic chat is it not.

I had no idea you only wanted a certain kind of behavior on your threads catfish and I will respect that in future, I had no idea someones thread they started was theirs so to speak.

but why so serious catfish?

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I thought it was all in jest. No one actually believed he was the real king did they?
Catfish has a valid point: threads should have a topic and stay on topic, because you, minion, are allowed to create a separate thread for the other topic.

While I was not personally affected by vlad's dictionary, such postings do change the tone and baseline on Fora and not for the better. Even if the poster would change style, some of us would remember the "old days" and end up too provocative. It is thus better for all parties that the nickname drifts to oblivion.
I wouldn't call the topic changing as derailing to be honest. Think about the conversations you have with friends and others, they derail too. When I talk to someone the conversation usually shifts topics multiple times during the course of the conversation. Conversations just naturally change topics as you think because it sparks other thoughts. Granted, devonrevenge's replies show his age more so than his thought process, but still the topics in the lounge are only doing what conversations naturally do. Even at work, I've had meetings where the topic would start on work, got to kids if they had any, single guys would talk about their sex life, video games, movies, etc.

As for this being a petition, I think it may fall on deaf ears. No respectable admin would unban a person with the knowledge that that user would belittle and insult beginners and other members of the site.You are expected to be respectful to others when helping, and nowhere is insults considered respectful. As to those who said 'idiot' and 'stupid' aren't bad, he is basically saying you don't know what you are talking about and acting like he is always right no matter what. Like someone pointed out, if you ask him to explain further on one of his statements he goes into an insult tirade. Best example again is the beginner thread where a guy posted code and he pointed out the int* p; and int *p;. When I brought up why the latter was a better practice, agreeing with vlad, he started calling me stupid and idiot. When I pressed him to explain why he thought the latter was better he just replied with something like "I was talking about programming culture." which just made me think 'WTF?!' especially after several replies of him basically saying anyone that didn't code like him were 'idiots'.
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@spectre...show my age?? im 29 :/
devonrevenge wrote:
@spectre...show my age?? im 29 :/

I know, according to psychology, men don't hit mental maturity until 25, so you only have four years of practice being mature ;).
damn it all, don't you know it is wrong to call someone idiot but ok to imply someone immature! deal with it.
Men don't reach maturity until they either have kids, or lots of their friends have kids. Women seem to reach maturity when the first thought of even having a kid enters their mind.
ok, this question is for men only, because I already know what a woman would say.

Does playing video games make one immature?
Absolutely not.
This got real weird real quick.

I think we should write a strongly worded letter.
Manga wrote:
Does playing video games make one immature?

No. If you notice the only ones that say it is immature are the ones that either don't play them or don't get their appeal. Though, being immature isn't a bad thing. I'm mature when I have to be, and immature the rest of the time. A person's maturity level isn't a insult and it is odd to take it as one. Though, calling someone a demeaning name like stupid and idiot is calling into question their intelligence.

I know a CS instructor at the local university that is a PhD in CS and completely immature. He actually has a quote:
"One's maturity level isn't bad. The more mature you are, the more serious you are, the greyer your hair gets and fast. The less mature you are, more more fun you have, the more you are able to roll with whatever comes up, and if you get grey you dye it to look younger."
don't be mature its stupid, unless your a doctor or policeman or some kind of business man who wants to fool people into taking you seriously dont be act mature and serious its unhealthy and people who are worth their salt dont actually like it.

Being too serious is a sign of some immature inner crisis, I observed these behaviours, men trying to come across interesting to women;

driving around slowly with banging music and the window down.
putting other people down.
talking in a gravelier husky tone, glazing eyes and trying to look like your in turmoil inside.
overly casual and presuming your very very interesting eg; "yeah im from everywhere really, thing about me is I can never stay still "
or trying to defeat people with your intelligence bluntly and over stoically.

On my first day of uni I discovered that people where looking to take advantage of first impressions and these are some I observed, it actually brings things back on topic....

why defend similar behavior online?
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why are people nasty on forums? why was vlad being a muppet? what was his motive

Why are you on a forum telling people if they don't conform to your idea of ideal behavior they're stupid? Why are you being a muppet? What is your motive?

Why are you treating the lounge and each thread therein as your own personal playground? Do you have no respect for others? Is your no-content drivel so much more important than what others have to say? Do you really think your behavior is better than Vlad's?

I, for one, will not be sorry to see you go, devonrevenge.
massive hypocrite, I think your being cliquey because your logic contradicts yourself so your not being sincere at all, I dont think you read what I said either, its actually years of hard learned wisdom.
i did mention that I will respect catfishs threads in future, I had no idea about this kind of ownership of threads, these things about the internets ire not all that intuitive, you might think its obvious however.

If anyone just lowered the tone it was you.

I mention something that bugs me its not my ideal of...I cant be bothered I think your trying to be clever despite myself.
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Wait, are you serious? I'm almost 32 years old and that is common forum etiquette. The OP owns the topic and it is considered rude to derail it just to post something for your own agenda. This etiquette is the same in the Lounge, though it isn't as obvious due to the major flightiness of the replies. I'm bad about taking tangents when I reply and thus derailing them, but it is bad to just randomly post things that have no point to the topic.

cire, may or may not be a hypocrite, but one thing I've learned from his replies is that he is always sincere about his point of view. He really doesn't like you and really wouldn't be bothered by your absence. Honestly, I'm sure he thinks the same of me and that doesn't bother me. He is entitled to his opinion of you, me, and every other member on this forum. At least he does it respectfully when he expresses his dislike for someone or something.

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devonrevenge wrote:
i did mention that I will respect catfishs threads in future, I had no idea about this kind of ownership of threads, these things about the internets ire not all that intuitive, you might think its obvious however.

You're making me blush with privilege!

So you're going to "respect" my threads from now on? Then you implicitly admit to "disrespecting" them so far?

Just teasing, I know that while you randomly post complete garbage, you do so without malice (even the beheading jokes) and in the hope that it would make you seem funny, chop chop!

BHXSpecter wrote:
The OP owns the topic and it is considered rude to derail it just to post something for your own agenda.

It's not so much an issue of ownership, as one of purpose. Incidentally, wow.
What!! BHXSpecter you are only 31!!! The way you talked on other threads I had the impression you were like, a retired old man. I am 35 and getting older. Jeez this sucks.
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