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I know you have some feelings for me. I know. But I want you to tell all about what you feel. Is that okay?

What am I doing wrong?
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What am I doing wrong?

Trolling is what you are doing. I don't trust anything you have to say, or anything you are involved in. You have no where near enough made up for your other activities on this forum.

There are several things in your post that are just screaming for comment - your entire purpose. And it is on par with your other questions advice: calling main(), fatal_assert, downgrade from Win7 to XP, downgrade to VS2008.

Why don't you fess up, and tell us about all the other users you have probably created, in order to have them bounce off each other?

Sent a message to site's admin.

Edit: To everyone else:The OP changed the original post - best to just ignore.

The question:
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For what it's worth, I am in full agreement with TheIdeasMan. "closed account", your behaviour here does not indicate that you're here to make a good faith effort to help people and contribute to this community. Your repeated nonsense posts, and your repeated bad advice (and obviously bad, even to a beginner), and your sad attempts to artificially inflate your post count, all suggest that you are here to disrupt this forum.

Make it three people who are suspicious of your behavior here, closed account.

I could list the reasons, but why bother.

And this all I'm going to say on the subject.
Seeing as I have a history of being the forum devil's advocate, I'm a little bit more willing to give you the benefit of the doubt about whether or not you're trolling. I haven't been watching the forum all that closely, thus I haven't seen anything that in my mind strongly suggests that your intentions are bad.


You have demonstrated some incredibly poor judgment and have vastly overstated your skill, to the point where I believe you should not give advice to beginners. You yourself are a beginner. There are ways you can be helpful as a beginner (finding errors in code, doing quick stack overflow searches, linking to the reference or tutorial), however you have also given advice as a beginner that runs counter to C++'s metagame (which we try to reinforce here), and have given answers to questions that are a) incorrect, and b) demonstrate a willingness to make assumptions about stuff you don't know (which now also includes evaluation order, which isn't left-to-right in C++ and isn't officially getting changed until 2017: ).

That last trait bears emphasizing. Let me reiterate. You can be helpful as a beginner, but giving advice on topics that you are not familiar with is not only unhelpful but also counter-productive. Not knowing something is fine. Pretending to know it (especially when you then spread misinformation) is not.

Nobody's perfect in this regard, but you've done this a lot during your short time here, and often defended your advice after it was criticized. Admitting that you were wrong is a sign of maturity. Defending something that's wrong (which, I should be clear, is distinct from asking why something is wrong or requesting proof) only makes the hole you've dug yourself into deeper.

Additionally, you have one of the most artificially-inflated post counts on the forum, what with the number of times you've added something along the lines of "Does that help? :)" in a separate post. I'd like to point out that post count is not synonymous with veteran status on the forum, and that double-posting is frowned upon in every forum I've been to.


inb4 there are bigger fish that need frying on the forum.
Each bad advice only repeats itself once. I learn it once I am fully aware of its side-effects.

Translation: "I'm too lazy to research subjects I'm not quite clear on, but I won't repeat my bad answers if you correct me (haha, but I won't believe you either, therefore I will repeat myself and argue with you and continue trolling.)"

Actions speak louder than words. Make your future ones count.
Does that make me amazing? :)

Absolutely NOT when you still give out bad advice.

Do you try compiling your "solutions" before you post them? Or are you afraid someone will post something that works before you post your garbage?
5a8Ym39o6 wrote:
Yes, I am actually a beginner. I have learned C++ for only one year.

You know, funny, because you (or someone claiming to be you, but my money is on the former) PMed me in the virtual classroom that Blurgen started a few days ago, and made some assertions that you've been learning for 8 years and that you "think you have mastered 2D programming".

EDIT: This was on August 3.

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It's always sad when an obvious troll tries to feign ignorance of their trolling.
Before I go into a little rant of my own, I would like to say that yes I do know this guy/gal is more than likely just trolling, but on the off chance that he/she genuinely is serious about this I felt I should say something.

closed account 5a8Ym39o6 wrote:
I had to, even it is a "lie". Because simply a mentor cannot be an inexperienced programmer with only one programming experience :)

Then I don't know, maybe you shouldn't try and be a mentor if you are not qualified to be one[1]? Or better yet here is an idea, acknowledge you are a beginner (Nothing wrong with that) and learn from those that are actually experienced enough to be mentors.

Honestly more than likely you are a troll like others are saying but dang if you are not then don't try and pass yourself off as an experienced programmer so that others will accept you as a mentor and hence take what you say as fact. Which oddly enough seems like what you are doing here with artificially inflating your post count in the hope that it will somehow give your words more weight.

That behavior is really harmful to others, at best you will only give them wrong answers to some of their questions and at worst you will pass on all your bad code habits which they will then have to spend even more time unlearning.

Nothing good comes from beginners trying to teach other beginners, and it gets even worse when the beginner that is trying to teach lauds themselves as something with years of experience.

If by any chance you are not actually trolling, please stop. You are doing a lot more damage with your advice and answers than helping.

[1] For those who don't know what he is talking about, the mentor thing refers to this group that was started on the forum a little while ago. and

P.S. - What is up with the "lie" is quotation marks lol? You lied plain and simple.
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closed account 5a8Ym39o6 wrote:

I had to, even it is a "lie". Because simply a mentor cannot be an inexperienced programmer with only one year programming experience :)

I've been programming in some form going on 22 years, but I realize my shortcomings and don't consider myself experienced enough to mentor people. I've tried mentoring before, but it ended with me giving them the best books I knew and then sending them to sites like this one, DreamInCode, and Cprogramming. As well as advising them on doing sites like Project Euler. The problem with a beginner trying to be a mentor is it is damn near equivalent of the blind leading the blind.

You have to focus on learning and improving your programming. Trying to teach without experience means you will continually run into questions you don't know or give bad advice that other experienced programmers, like the ones here, will have to correct. Being a liar is far worse than being a bad programmer, in my opinion.
closed account (1vD3vCM9)
I think what you're all doing is wrong.
You're trying to argue with a troll, you can't win.
Simply ignore him, if he posts more false and wrong shit then fast reply and state his shit.
Don't feed the trolls.
Unfortunately, you cannot ignore someone who gives false information. Someone is required to babysit him to make sure whatever he says doesn't lead someone astray.
It is "Don't feed the trolls" when it is 100% obvious trolling. In this case it is up in the air, most of us feel he is trolling, but the truth may very well be that he is a beginner trying to sound more experienced to avoid feeling inadequate. This is the times we live in, people build up their internet presence to try and sound better and feel more important or like they are more beneficial than they really are. There isn't anything wrong with that until the lies start hurting other beginners like it has here. Acting experienced when you are a beginner and offering advice when it is clear you don't understand what your advice code is actually doing is harmful to a beginner. It also distracts from other beginners because then the more experienced programmers have to sit on his profile page and watch for any and all posts he makes with the exact purpose of correcting his misinformation. That takes away their time from helping other people because of babysitting one user from posting erroneous code and advice.
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closed account (1vD3vCM9)
I look at closed account's past posts and some of them are inoccent and some are very bad advice, its extremely hard to decide whevee he's a troll or not, but if he is, then he is a master troll
Meh. I was on Usenet in the 90's. I've seen master trolls, and "closed account" is no master troll. He's just less incompetent at it than some.
"closed account" lied, period. Either about being a beginner or a programmer with 8 years of experience.
He appears to also be taking "jobs" doing people's programming homework which is against the site policy. We don't do homework for people here, we help them learn to do it for themselves.
BHX wrote:
He appears to also be taking "jobs" doing people's programming homework

Under normal circumstances feeding a troll is counter-productive, but reminding new people of this person's actions is warranted IMO.

No one deserves the bad advice/bad code.
[doing people's programming homework] is against the site policy
I don't think it is. There are informal rules about asking for solutions and even less formal rules about giving solutions, but if someone wants to pay to not learn, that's entirely between them and the person they're paying.
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