Why pay for Macs/Apple products? They're OVERpriced!!!!!

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That's what I mean. You know that you could get the individual parts much more cheaply, but for you, the whole is worth more than the sum of its parts.
Worth is a matter of perspective.
I really don't see why anyone would pay four figures for an Apple computer system. There's no magic in their hardware design, and I've heard many reports of crashing Macs (i.e. laptops, desktops, servers, all of the above) and given that they talk so much smack about being "innovative" and "perfect design" I really don't see much to bloat about in terms of value or price of their products.

I have a Windows 95 original desktop tower and it's still running perfect now after eighteen years, and yes it was a "cheap" computer because, apparently as enlightened with conflicting results from Mac fanatics, PCs are "crappy" because they don't have an Apple on them.

Call me indifferent, hater, whatever, but when all the chips are down there's no way in hell I am picking overpriced Door One over Door Two if they are equivalent in hardware specifications.

Even if I just wanted to run an Apple OS, be it Mac OSX, iOS, I can just virtualize it with a virtual machine program, and pay nada.

It is just marketing, like tablets themselves, they are just less powerfull laptops, fones have pretty amazing power in them these days
Out of interest, have the people that "don't see why anyone would pay XX for an Apple computer" used them in any meaningful way?

Do you actually believe that the "cheap PC equivalent" is an equivalent spec? Or is it just that you don't think that any expensive computer is worth it? My last Windows laptop was an equivalent spec to my MacBook Pro and cost an equivalent amount.
@Grey Wolf
I used them in the Apple store a few times and I played Mass Effect 3 on my ex-girlfriend's MacBook Pro (or whatever) for a while while her parents (shudder) were over. I also have Snow Leopard on VirtualBox, although I've barely used it. Honestly, there's nothing about the hardware or the OS that is worth paying extra money for in my experience. It's not bad, either, but it's certainly nothing special.

Agreed, tablets are either a less-powerful, and therefore less-useful, laptop or a less-portable, and therefore less-useful, phone.
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My biggest problem would be that half (if not more then half) my software and games are Windows only. However true, some things can be simulated, not all of them, and also, really not worth the time or effort to bother.

Money is not a reason for me, me and my wife never made the mistake of shitting out kids, so we can actually afford stuff :p and I do spoil myself with whatever new shit that comes out. (we also don't have a car though, because driving in Vancouver is like driving in downtown New York. Just not something you do, unless your a cab driver or plain crazy).

Also for what Mac is known for (graphic design for example), its not always true that it is best. My mother is a well successful photographer and graphic designer and she wont use Mac. Simple because a lot of the plug-ins she needs on Photoshop, etc, don't work on Mac. And those plug-ins are more important for her then whatever software.
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I have used mac laptops in the past cause some friends of mine are mac users, and I will admit that I can maybe see a possibility of buying a mac laptop but not a desktop. With laptops you can't build your own really.

Now for a quick compasason.

A laptop my friend owns and has had no problems with so far (Though I don't see the point on buying a high preformance laptop personally)

MSI GT Series GT60 0ND-250US Notebook Intel Core i7 3630QM(2.40GHz) 15.6"

Intel Core i7-3630QM 2.4GHz
6MB L3 Cache
Max Turbo Frequency 3.4 GHz


750GB HD

NVIDIA Geforce GTX 675M 2GB DDR5

Price $1,499.99


And the comparable Macbook Pro

15-inch: 2.4GHz
with Retina display
2.4GHz quad-core Intel Core i7
Turbo Boost up to 3.4GHz
8GB 1600MHz memory
256GB flash storage1
Intel HD Graphics 4000
NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M with 1GB of GDDR5 memory
Built-in battery (7 hours)2


As you can see the macbook pro has less hardware for more price, and basically the same quality of build. Now I dont see the point of spending more the $1000 for a laptop no matter if its a mac or non mac because if you want that much power get a desktop. Unless you need portability.

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As you can see the macbook pro has less hardware for more price, and basically the same quality of build.
That is a pretty scant/lame comparison of spec and says nothing about quality of build (that can only come from long term testing).

What is the screen resolution on the MSI compared to the Mac, or the dimensions and weight. How about the battery life? The quality of the case?

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so, is mac v linux v windows, c++ v c v c# v python v etc, text edit v vim v ide, kind like our version of politics? ie abortion, weed, troops in iraq?

edit: not meaning we dont care about such issues, i just meant in the programming community
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why buy anything new? the value of new hardware has a really (stupidly) short half life but the only thing you cant do on a five year old laptop is play the newest games, no one really needs to buy new stuff, my netbook is all I need, my xbox plays games, if i want a wider screen i plug it into my TV and use wireless mouse and keyboard, I don't pay for sky I just stream and download things, I barley use my nokia 3210, I got facebook.

people just cant throw their money away fast enough.
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speaking of facebook, its kind of like the undiscovered cloud
What is the screen resolution on the MSI compared to the Mac, or the dimensions and weight. How about the battery life? The quality of the case?

I don't see how all of those (combined even) could possibly account for a $700 difference. Macs are just plain more expensive, accept it lol. That's not to say it can't be worth it, but it all really depends on your personal preference and needs.
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Also I did provide the links to both laptops which have more detailed specs on them ; p also devon everyone has there wants. Really we dont need anything but food, water, and shelter to suvive. We buy new things because we like to and it makes us happy to do so. If im going to work all day I would like to have a few things that I like even if they are expensive.
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so, is mac v linux v windows...
mac, windows, linux is not my problem here. It could just as easily be about someone comparing a Dell Precision to some cheap Acer laptop and saying the Dell is overpriced or comparing a Skoda to a BMW by saying, they both have a 2 litre engine, four wheels, and seats five people, the BMW is clearly overpriced.

Compare like with like, in detail not at some superficial level.
Macs are just plain more expensive, accept it lol.
I accepted long ago that Macs are expensive. I do refute that they are vastly overpriced.
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We aren't saying there is anything wrong with paying more for a mac everyone has their own taste just like with cars. What we are saying though is the hardware prices dont match up which isn't a bad thing since you are paying for the whole package. But if you compare only the hardware macs are overpriced, its hard to deny that. And I wouldn't consider hardware anywhere near a superficial level since that is basically all computers are is hardware... sorry bout the short posts im on my phone currently but when I get home I can grab my buddies laptop and my girlfriends macbook and run some benchmarks and a whole bunch of other tests on them for a offical study :)
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Undoubtedly this is a trolling thread but there's been some valid points made, so I feel like chiming in.

First and foremost, what people spend their money on is their own business. If this indirectly affects your life that much then you must have very little in the way of fulfilment in your life.

Second, I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this (I may have missed it, but I don't see it) since this is a programming forum, iOS development. The only way to (legally) program native apps for iOS is through a machine running OS X. Yes, you can write Android/Win 8 apps. I don't care. That's not what I'm saying. If you want to write native iOS apps without much hassle (technically and legally) then a Mac is a must.

Three, Macs are overpriced. Yes, probably, but the price tag is upfront so why complain? Grey Wolf's BMW/Skoda example sums this up perfectly.

Rant over. Typed on my Mac. Bought for its looks. Paid for with drug money. Kicked a kitten on the way into the Apple store. Insert your own final taboo statement here.
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Lol iHutch. I agree with you and that is a good point about the programming.
I hate Apples.... However, I love Bananas.
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