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Often when I follow a link that someone has posted I'm not logged in because the link use www and I was logged in on the non-www version of the URL. I suggest that the site owners should decide which URL to use and redirect the other.
Not sure if it's a browser issue or an issue of that website itself.
I think it's a security thing that subdomains (e.g. www) are independent from each other and the domain.suffix site with no subdomain. Personally I prefer www.domain.suffix, but I have been seeing a lot of sites just go for domain.suffix and redirect to it from www. Either way is the same effort to enforce.
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@twicker I noticed this bug before in the past and it has happened again:
When two people respond at the same time it displays the thread twice. In the My Topics area it is also duplicated and the duplicate is marked as not having been participated in.
Just so this doesn't get lost or buried, everyone add this link to your bookmarks:
This is also kind of a bump, and this is a good bump.
I was beginning to forget this topic.
Thanks for minding that plugin so much, btw, i'm really happy that you like it.
(No, it doesn't take personal data LOL)
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You should try to get it on the chrome webstore so it will sync automatically to our other computers ;)
It requires $5 to publish something on the Chrome Web Store :|
I did even make a 2nd icon for it:
Will probably set this one as icon for the extension.

EDIT: Extension updated with the new (sensed) icon.
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I'm hoarding my twicker-approved edition >:)
New update.
Link is still the same ( )

Now, to find out what's different, take these steps:

1. Take a random day on
2. Go here:
3. Notice how the code tags in the first post are missing
4. Press this new button
5. VoilĂ !


If you don't want this feature and just want the quote button, here is the old extension:

EDIT: Updated Extension version and name.
I'm thinking about making a drop-down right-click menu, as otherwise I may fill the screen with buttons like these.

Known bugs:
1. Post author becomes your nick
2. Post time becomes current time.
3. Obviously doesn't recognize pure text.
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Wow very nice EssGeEich what are you making these with? Also anyway to make just the code into codetags instead of the whole post? Either way it doesn't matter and you did a amazing job.
Uhm, they're made in javascript.
You can open the CRX extension file with a zip file viewer, the "most important" file is code/code.js .
About only showing the code, I did this part on-the-fly (Believe me, I just made this in the last 30 minutes, plus other 10 minutes from some days ago) and I did not put in any kind of code recognizing method.

I may start to count something as code as a #include begins, but nothing tells the code begins with a #include, and nothing tells me the code's end either, so I just did put in the entire post for the moment.
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Ya I was trying to come up with a way in my head to find the start of code and the end of it. Though I am not familiar with JavaScript so I wouldn't be much help to you, though I am learning Python and damn I am loving it and never going back to other languages.
sgh is it possible to create a c++ chat thing like facebook might have extension??

think you could PM someone OR you could just give them a ding
Well, I am not good at the Web Development Jive , but I can say this Forum Programmers can easily incorporate a Live Chat system using possibly AJAX, PHP or other dynamic website based programming languages\scripts.

I highly reference this idea to any of programmers to think about.

This chat would rapidly increase the number of discussions taking place thus making this more attentive and interactive.

Sadly you cannot have a C++ extension for browsers, or you'd need to recompile it for every OS this browser supports, and safety issues could be way too big.
But you can make your very own little-ranged browser that only lives for that purpose.
Only Twicker can use PHP or any other (CGI in this case) server-side scripts.
We have almost no access to the CGI/PHP sources and cannot create them.
By the way, for discussions we have the forum and I'd stick with it, as everyone who is looking for an answer can already find it by searching on the forum.

I could only think for the chat as a Lounge replacement (or even little C++ tricks or things).
But we could easily use IRC for this, like many other social groups use.
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I highly reference this idea to any of programmers to think about.

You highly reference it, do you?

This chat would rapidly increase the number of discussions taking place thus making this more attentive and interactive.

If it were used, what it would do is make certain that every discussion in this "chat" was not available on the forums. There is a reason we aren't fond of people trying to take to private messages.

I rather suspect it would decrease the number of lengthy discussions, and I certainly don't see how it would make "this more attentive" or even more "interactive." In fact, I would go so far as to say it would be less interactive, since fewer people would see and be able to respond to the "chats" than they would a forum post or thread.
SGH i said that wrong, I mean facebooks got this cool little chat server box, i think it would work for, conversations could happen between people but less trivial conversation would occur in the threads.

is it possible to make a little extention that could do that??
@Devonrevenge: Aha, I thought you meant an C++ executable that did this.
It could be possible by sending PM's but I think I should ask Twicker's approvation for this, as this could cause spam, exceptionally for users who do NOT have this extension.
Also this won't work over groups.

* Careful: Purely fictional terminology over *

For these purposes it's better to use a dynamic messaging system like IRC instead of using a "static" one like the PM system here.

What makes them dynamic/static?
Simple: Memory.

The term I used, "Dynamic messaging" means: If you're online, you'll get the message. I won't save a copy to send you again later, and unless you keep logs I won't save it on the server.

The "Static messaging" means: Hey, this user sent you a message. If you go offline I'll notify about other messages, don't worry. But we will also save these messages to your PM Inbox folder. I don't know how much free memory is there, so be careful about this, you may fuck us up.

And that's why I don't want to do it on my own, it's better if Twicker makes a Python applet for a javascript chat.
Because Twicker, I know you use Python for this :3
EDIT: Oh shit I meant all another thing, but I'll leave the above sentences for the future readers to laugh at.
In fact I'm used to visit a website who was made in Python ( with this server: ) and did really mess up.
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This is where some dormant built in extras which would allow more modding or playing would be a good idea.
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