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I'd like an HTML download available of the reference and documentation sections of the site.

I'm quite forgetful and am always referencing them and it would be handy to have it all to hand on my iPad without the necessity for wifi to drive it.

How would others feel about that?
The main "competitor" of does offer downloads, but they update them once every blue moon.
they will change this once they know about it.

If the OP gets his post deleted, the question title was not written by the first person to answer.

It would be nice to give us something customizatable, some c++ rss feed we could use.
dream in code have the data swamp, I presume they can just create their own code to read everything that comes and goes, is that it? no? what the hell is the data swamp?
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I would vote against signatures.

@Oakdale: I've used a program called download them all to download web pages. I haven't used it in a while, but would probably work for this site:
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I vote against signatures, avatars, and every other piece of random useless clutter we don't need.
I agree, dream in code likes that crap, this place is more grown up, its not like its facebook.

It depends i guess if you think is old fashioned or practical

EDIT: and think how low my rep points would be :'(
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It depends i guess if you think is old fashioned or practical

It's not old fashioned... It is professionalism.
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personally, i really want the source code section to be finished
Actually, I guess I have a few things from other sites that I like. When creating a thread @MSDN, the subject is used as a search query to find relevant posts automatically. Surely this would cut down on some of the "console closing down" threads.

I like the post rating @stack overflow.

Both sites have "post is solution", rather than "thread solved", and I like that.
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I have mixed feeling on a best answer rating (answer with more + votes gets it). I like it in that it would help people searching the forums for a solution find it quicker instead of reading 2 pages of replies to get there.

Then again I think it would encourage people to just automatically give someone the code to their problem instead of helping them work through it.

I guess it all depends on how it is put in place.
How about the thread creator can pick an answer as the "best answer", automatically marking the topic as solved and adding a direct-link to the best answer somewhere.
Please, no signatures or other distractions. Content always trumps these things.

I'm not sure what to suggest but I have noticed a significant change in user base since October, 2007. There used to be more 'qualified' users frequenting the forums, as far as I can tell. So, what changed? Is this strictly a function of time?
I think we should restrict our wishes to small easy-to-do wishes for now, twicker is busy enough as it is.
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Ha ha, Twicker the genie! I wish you add the C++11 keywords TODAY! Should be easier than fixing the bugs.
Not really, some keywords are only keywords in certain contexts, and can still be used as valid identifiers in other places.
I am against signatures and a post rating system, this site is unique for a reason. Signatures are basically just adverts for the writer (which could easily be accomplished in a similar way Framework does wazzak). Also, a rating system could create a sense of unwanted competition.

I know what I want: I want a better PM system. These "Re: Re: Re: Re:......" gets annoying. Maybe a simple thread like structure (should be easy to implement, just a private thread between two users).
Not really, some keywords are only keywords in certain contexts, and can still be used as valid identifiers in other places.

You are over-analyzing things. The code tags don't spawn an IDE.
But how do you determine whether to color them as a keyword (blue) or an identifier (black)?
What words are only keywords in certain context?
what is a data swamp? can we have that?
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