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how to compile cpp program using g++
Hi everyone, I have so many cpp programs. I used makefile to link all object files together. Inside ...
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Having problems compiling my .cpp file on a linux machine
For some reason my code is not compiling on a linux server. It gives me several ofstream, ifstream, ...
[3 replies] Last: Hi, Please show us the errors your getting, any compile or linkage er... (by quarkonium)
Serial port NonStandardBaudrate on "FTDI to Serial converter"
Hello. I Have to set a non standard baudrate on my buffalo wzr-hpg300nh (openwrt linux backfire 10....
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cannot execute binary file
Hi when I run my program, I got "cannot execute binary file". Why is that so? If anyone know, pls ki...
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display image when received
Hi everyone, I wrote TCP/IP socket programming in c to transfer image from client to server. My prog...
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what is a .d file?
I found a answer for that post.. Hope will be helpful..... *********** 4.14 Generating Prerequis...
[1 reply] : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D_%28data_language_specification%29 (by closed account Dy7SLyTq)
by rxjmo
C++ GUI and Linux
Hi, I want to make an application to automate some tasks under linux using C++ and GUI API (Qt...
[2 replies] Last: or even just the system function, it might not be "secure" but if you'... (by drew887)
out-of-order udp packets
How to ensure my udp sockets receive all packets in order? Assuming the packets are guarantee arrive...
[2 replies] Last: As Cubbi said, TCP will do all of this for you. If there's reasons you... (by ResidentBiscuit)
Cannot convert int (aka NULL) to std::vector<double*>::value_type
Hello All I have a compilation error in a very large program. We have managed to isolate the ...
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by kruszi
emulation of scroolwheel UNIX/Linux
Hi guys, I'm searching for a way to emulate a scrollwheel. Unfortunately I can not use "keyboard em...
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by kaidto
Socket Programming?
Hello! I'm trying to start programming sockets, but have no idea where to start from!! There is a...
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by sul
Actual memory a program is using
I made a program that uses long lists and keeps on reserving and freeing memory. So the memory I am ...
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Programming custom USB driver and creating own device
My main reason for doing this is practice. I wish to create an USB button, which will, when press...
[1 reply] : You're going to need a whole heck of a lot of c programming knowledge.... (by shaund1)
by Sucho
Permission Denied in Ubuntu while running a program via Code::Blocks
I've been using Code::Blocks IDE with GCC compiler in Windows 7 without any problem. I recently inst...
[2 replies] Last: Try using either $ sudo {the name of your program) when running the ... (by J4ke)
by nawazz
Problem in getting all Section names of Elf File using sprintf()
plz help m only getting one section name from the below code using sprintf i am working on qt creat...
[1 reply] : You could start by reproducing the problem in a small program. How ar... (by kbw)
image frame send over socket in c
Hi everyone, I wanna send single image frame over socket programming in c language. My socket progra...
[1 reply] : The main thing is that the sender and receiver have a common understan... (by kbw)
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