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code::blocks and ncurses
i switched my project over to code::blocks and now i cant get it to compile because i dont know how ...
[1 reply] : Same way you linked in your old environment. Tell it to search in the ... (by ResidentBiscuit)
by coj2b
Simple C++ Question
I need help understanding something simple. How many times does the following loop execute, and w...
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bug in my code
so i know this is a lot of code, but dont let that deter you. i only include it all because i dont k...
[15 replies] Last: ok thanks for the reply. (and i mean this btw) after i fix main and co... (by closed account Dy7SLyTq)
by kopii
Bitmap to hex array conversion in c++ using opencv
I am new to OpenCV. I have to convert a monochrome bitmap to a one dimensional array. What I have do...
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need help with int main(int argc, char *argv[])
is there a way to pass values from command line to the int argc and char* argv arguments of int mai...
[1 reply] : I'm not sure I understand. That's the whole point of those parameters.... (by closed account S6k9GNh0)
ncurses keyboard constants don't work?
Hi, I've been learning to use ncurses and have run into an issue. I made the following program to c...
[17 replies] Last: sorry i made a mistake. the tutorials i looked at for ncurses said the... (by closed account Dy7SLyTq)
need help getting gvim using cygwin terminal
i downloaded and installed both vim and gvim using the cygwin 'setup' file and whenever i try to run...
[2 replies] Last: try installing something like xming (by drew887)
compiling c++ programs in ubuntu g++
hi every one i am new to c++ programming. i got an error as shown below "root@ubuntu:/home/ramr...
[4 replies] Last: thank you it worked (by malleramreddy)
suggestion on improving the performance c++
Hi all, I am under research of how to improve the performance of the below situation. Client S...
[1 reply] : You should always try to improve the slowest part. Storing the data o... (by kbw)
Help Please
a = "First" b = a //does this not the value "r" to b ? does this work on numerical values? Can...
[2 replies] Last: b = a will work if you have declared "a" as a character array ( char ... (by svarg)
Getting Started
Hello, I have been a Windows programmer for a number of years, and until recently I have ignored ...
[1 reply] : And by Cross-Linux. I mean programs that work with all of the distros ... (by MaxterTheTurtle)
by stdeez
int heaviestCar(int arr ,int elements){ int heaviest=0; int carWeight=0; int temp=0...
[2 replies] Last: its a simple maximum function that reads through my array, If it's ... (by cire)
[solved]How to check if two paths belong to the same partition
Hi, How can I check if two path are from the same partition or different partition? any help/hin...
[1 reply] : got it!! #include <iostream> #include <ctime> #include <sys/types.h> ... (by santiagorf)
by DatGuy
SDL -- Screen won't show my images
Hello. I decided to make a little animation program with c++ and SDL. basically a man runs when you ...
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Hi i need help on using dlfcn
im trying to implement dynamic loading of libraries into my skills. but im having a problem wheneve...
[1 reply] : i found the solution using -ldl option in g++ but i want to know why n... (by abeljay10)
Insert Into SQL Database
I have a function that writes something in a SQL database. First time it is passing ok second time i...
[2 replies] Last: After a few more days of searching I figured out what was going on. It... (by blaurier)
ncurses menu
im making a menu in ncurses for a console application. im not near a compiler so could someone pleas...
[4 replies] Last: i know. its called in main before menu. and i dont know why end win() ... (by closed account Dy7SLyTq)
exe images
im running linux ubuntu 12.10 and im putting the finishing touches on the shell/template of my game....
[6 replies] Last: You want to change the image that you see down in the task bar right? ... (by drew887)
Programming & devoleping in Linux
Hi, I'm currently thinking about a project, about the know-how. The project involves intensive u...
[14 replies] Last: If you know, could you recommend me a good book about GTK from the Ama... (by RobertEagle)
g++ problem?
I compiled a tictactoe game that seg faults when i compile it and run it on my machine (Ubuntu 12.04...
[3 replies] Last: for(int i = 0; i<= 3; i++) for(int j = 0; j <= 3; j++) Should b... (by TheIdeasMan)
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