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Comparison operator problem
Hello, In the below code when i == 0, else if condition evaluated true but i should be greater th...
[1 reply] : What's the value of j when this happens? (by helios)
Skipping input collection of description
When I run this code it keeps skipping input collection of description. it doesn't matter whether I ...
[1 reply] : > cin >> part_no ; This will leave a trailing newline on the in... (by salem c)
Baseball Random Generator Project
Hi, my teacher wants me to have a function that will handle the generation of the required random va...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you jonnin for helping. I did change the headers, but I had to k... (by VincentZero)
Triangle Program
I have this program, and I haven't had adequate time to work on it. Not making excuses, but I've had...
[4 replies] Last: Hello CodeNovice01, After loading the program into my IDE, VS2017, I ... (by Handy Andy)
Re: homework assignment
Good day guys I am new here hoping to get extra help, I received this assignment for class and i was...
[1 reply] : We are all here to help, but you need to start with something. We won... (by dhayden)
SIMD: more generic shuffle function
I think the SIMD shuffle fucntion is not real shuffle for int32_t case the left and right part would...
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Need help printing out correct answer
What I have to do is, if there's at least more than 3 pairs that are close to each other for example...
[4 replies] Last: Hello DdavidDLT, I did manage to put something together to run the co... (by Handy Andy)
SIMD: implement _mm256_i8gather, _mm256_i16gather
I want to ask a question about SIMD. Intel doesn't offer gather functions like: _mm256_i8gather_epi8...
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Stupid questions about data structures
I am trying to learn more about data structures, and i am wondering are hash tables the only type of...
[5 replies] Last: When talking about algorithms, an additional constraint, most of the... (by Ganado)
stoi makes abort has been called error
Hi. I can't understand debug errors so. I wrote a beep sounds loader from file. I don't want use mp3...
[1 reply] : i fixed it by changin position of int muzik_kaydiint = stoi(muzik_kayd... (by ASingleGameEngineDevelop)
How to fix memory leak?
The program runs and has no errors, except for a memory leak. I thought I deleted all the dynamic me...
[2 replies] Last: for (int count=0; count<numTigers; count++) { delete tigers ; //d... (by salem c)
Random Character Program Assignment!
You must follow these requirements exactly. Your program must loop, asking for character names that...
[7 replies] Last: Hello bethmayweather, For something to work with I created the vector... (by Handy Andy)
by obeeey
How to print only duplicates in an array
Hi, I want to print only those elements of an array which were repeated. This is my code: in...
[3 replies] Last: A map is also called an associative array, and it is an associative ... (by Duthomhas)
do...while loop not behaving
I promise I searched for the answer to this on my own, but I'm just having no luck. This is an assi...
[5 replies] Last: do { cout << "Enter the person's age: ";... (by Repeater)
IF question
Would this work with an IF statement? if(a+b !> c) {}
[1 reply] : No. The list of available operators in C++ is at https://en.cpprefere... (by lastchance)
>> operator in C++
Hello, What is this and why do we use it in our code? void MergeSortHelper(int arr , int lo, int...
[2 replies] Last: Used in this context it shifts all the bits of the binary representati... (by lastchance)
Getting base class member data
I am having quite a lot of difficulty with the getting the base class data in an inherited class. Th...
[4 replies] Last: Your model seems odd. Is a student's name different to their name as a... (by Repeater)
greatest common divisor is a prime number (pairs of numbers problem in C)
I have to build a program in C who reads a n integer number and n pairs of 2 integers numbers.The pr...
[1 reply] : It is unclear what you are asking. you maybe are asking how to loop n... (by jonnin)
Avl tree deletion
So I got this code from "geeks for geeks". I made some changes in main so that the data is user-defi...
[3 replies] Last: I'm embarassed. Line 308 is wrong. deleteNode(root, z); should be ... (by lastchance)
string permutation using recursion
i'm learning about recursion, but when i debug this code, it produce segmentation fault (core dump),...
[1 reply] : Compile with warnings: g++ -Wall -g -D DEBUG -std=c++14 -c foo.cxx fo... (by dhayden)
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