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Sharing data between 2 files
Hello all, I'd like some design advice. The problem is I have a function which sets some variables a...
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insertion sort problem
the problem here is at " insertionSort in_sort ; " error:no matching function for call to "inserti...
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how to address files having spaces in their names
i wonder how does any os address file having spaces in their names. Even cmd.exe in windows can't ac...
[4 replies] Last: dir "* *" and in Linux, it uses "\ " to escape a blank (by Hzj jie)
Layout Design Matrix Calculator
Hi guys, I want to ask on how to put a layout design in the program when it is being ran. It should ...
[2 replies] Last: for such a design you need GUI (wxwidgets, qt, etc) but not the consol... (by coder777)
by h4ever
How to start with C++
Where can I download C++ and some simple tutorial how to make first program compiled? What I need to...
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Threading Advice (1,2)
From this post: I'd like to create the s...
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how to change the ordinary picture with only red channel in c++ programming?
URGENT with using SDL_Maprgb and SDL_GetRgb. I am new to programming. can someone help me to solve...
[8 replies] Last: SDL_Surface *Redchannel (SDL_Surface *surface) { SDL_Surface *temp = ... (by innyong)
I/O stream
Suppose I have a text document with lines as such: 1 4 3 2 3 6 1 7 2 4 3 3 Using I/O str...
[3 replies] Last: Open the file. If opened succesfully then loop through the values wit... (by vin)
I need help with arrays in c++
I need to create a program that will find the total of all the elements in array. I need to use for ...
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verifying loop in a linked list
I was trying to implement Floyd's cycle finding algorithm to find loops in linked list. I implemente...
[5 replies] Last: I did try to make it clear that my code (which was just basically a cl... (by ciphermagi)
Displaying Function from Reference
Having a little trouble getting my function to display the results. I got my getNumber function work...
[13 replies] Last: Solved!! Thank You very much LB (by seansabour)
Applying Data Types. Computer Programming
Alright so I'm in a computer programming class and I was given the following problem: Write a pro...
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by Ceset
what my loop stops working?? (1,2)
when i hold and dragged the window for some purpose my loop stops. here is an example output: 40 ...
[25 replies] Last: thx. that was pretty explanatory(srry if i m using the wrong word, en... (by Ceset)
Changes in epsilon & binary cubic roots
Hi again, I'm wondering if the epsilon variable is machine dependent, and what changes it (architec...
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How do I ignore the case of something that I am inputting?
I have tried tolower() and toupper(), but these don't seem to work on the string I am using. I am ...
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how can we add two matrices in the example given below?
class Matrix1 { Protected: int ** data; int...
[2 replies] Last: See: Matrix addition An... (by andywestken)
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how can we make resize function for Matrix2 Class in c++ ?
class Matrix1 { Protected: int ** data; int row,col;...
[1 reply] : Derived class has access to protected members of its base class. So yo... (by vlad from moscow)
Displaying Pyramid
Guys I am having trouble coding this one :( Any help please? Input You are to ask the user to inp...
[12 replies] Last: well so funny same question over and over hah :D :D these deitel dudes (by Ceset)
by Ceset
pixel format flags??
well i made a reserach but couldnt find anything here is the link
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