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by Elidor
Learning to read GNU code?
Currently I know C++ and am learning the discrepancies of C to C++. I've always wanted to understand...
[1 reply] : The actual GNU math.h pow function is not in the header at all, it is ... (by Cubbi)
Sorting Problem
I got a project that is suppose to take in info about an employee from both a file and user input th...
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by cnoobs
Employee class help
The person header. #ifndef PERSON_H #define PERSON_H #include <string> class Person { pub...
[3 replies] Last: First one should work, second one shouldn't. Reason: The first constr... (by Elidor)
Printing prime numbers
/* Task: create a function that determines prime number and use it to print out prime numbers from 0...
[3 replies] Last: wait i missed something in the task.. editing it now (by incognitocpp)
Hardware access
I found a couple of stuff about this on google, and most of it said that using the addresses is the ...
[1 reply] : You can't do it with normal programs, the OS runs them in a virtual en... (by LB)
overloading output operator
Hey guys. I've been hunting around the forums and tutorials, but I can't seem to understand the erro...
[1 reply] : std::ostream (by LB)
What does iterator -> second mean?
Im studying c++ and ive just started with template and classes, and they confuse me alot. Im trying...
[1 reply] : It's a pair type. Look ... (by closed account o1vk4iN6)
Trouble with type signature for function prototype
The function im having problems with takes an array where each element is an array of unsigned chars...
[1 reply] : " ::find_char( ) " has two distinct parameter types. The first one is ... (by closed account zb0S216C)
by eapwf9
Checking values of adjacent elements in a 2D array
Hey, So I currently have a program that can create an array of two dimensions. ie. 111 111 1...
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compiler not working
I use dev c++ on my dell xps 8500. 64 bit system windows 7 home premium i have been studying some al...
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problem with assignment operator in class declaration file/implementation
hello, i am trying to create the assignment operator for a class that uses a pointer for it's privat...
[1 reply] : template<class T> indexList<T>& indexList<T>::operator=(const indexLi... (by ne555)
C++ cin stream problem
Hi , i got a problem of cin concept : i dont know what is the meaning of cin.clear() and cin.sync...
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traversing a linked list
when i am traversing a linked list ...i suppose we can do it only with pointers like p is a head no...
[1 reply] : Perhaps this could be done if you link by reference instead of linking... (by Stewbond)
I need help
Please I need the equation that make a name (string) circulate in 2-D string in C++ .. With My Reg...
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Operator overloading > Friend Function >
Suppose that the operator << is to be overloaded for a user-defined class mystery. Why must << be ov...
[11 replies] Last: So cire, what is happening in your code is that you're tye casting an... (by cire)
Programming structure
Hello, I´m searching for a book or an article, which describes, how a efficient and easy programm...
[1 reply] : I would recommend you read design patterns and see which all patterns ... (by writetonsharma)
by Snivy
OpenGL OBJ file opener not working.
Hi, I'm still new to this, so feel free to fix where I put this post if it's in the wrong place. ...
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Recursion using Stacks
Can someone please give me an example of a graph search algorithm that uses a recursion and linked l...
[3 replies] Last: the returning function knows that the size of array is 2 but whoever g... (by writetonsharma)
how to access the private and protected member functions of the class.....
[5 replies] Last: nikita 19, you declare a function as private then want to access it pu... (by Anthony Hernandez)
g++ at&t inline asm to bcc32
would some kind soul please translate this g++ inline asm snippit to one compatable with Borland bcc...
[5 replies] Last: Well the compiler probably does but there is no tasm in the package s... (by jcfuller)
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