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Implementation of A* Pathfinding
Sorry in advance for this being a long post. I am making (for my degree) a snake game (you know t...
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Text game help, how can I make player go back to previous location?
Hello, I have started making a text adventure game, I need help with some code. if (Choice == 2) {...
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using array elements to perform calculations
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Implementation of Sieve of Eratosthenes Algorithm in C
Okay, so this function I created uses the Sieve of Eratosthenes algorithm to compute all the primes ...
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Prinitng to many times to the screen
Hi, got an assignment from varsity. I've got most of the program to work but its printing to the scr...
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Hey Guys ! i have a question related to classes .. s played using the standard French deck with 52 ...
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Beginner Question about exit or return
Hi, I have a really simple program in C++ that is supposed to run in DOS real mode (not Windows D...
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Hash table
I read about hash tables and is unable to get the syntax for it...i tried to search on the net but t...
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infix to postfix
StackException.h #ifndef STACKEXCEPTION_H_INCLUDED #define STACKEXCEPTION_H_INCLUDED #include ...
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Chi Blackhawks Array Help
I'm having issues trying to input data from a .txt file into my array program. The whole program tak...
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Passing a struct to function
if we want to pass an object to function we pass it as returntype func(student s) //student is cla...
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Relating to Cygwin
Does anyone know why I come across an error trying to compile on cygwin: -bash: g++: command not fo...
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help command line arguments.....
how to display "correct" if argv ="c" display "wrong" if argv ="c123" ...
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Most efficient way to load data from file to RAM?
What is the most efficient (fastest) way to load data from a file on HDD to RAM? (which would allow ...
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FTP program compiling a c/c++ file
Guys, I'm not so good at network coding. I have a FTP server, client program and thus I can easily t...
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Rectangle Class.
The question is: create a rectangle class with attributes length and width, each of which default...
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by Banhas
Jacobi Iterative Method
Good evening guys. For the past few days I have been working on what is basically, a Jacobi Iterati...
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by coder1
To check if a string is a sub string of a string , i use a for loop and check every character. i wa...
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by erga
if, char array and or operator question
is it possible to make a statement like this: if( A == 'a' || 'b' ) when I want to do this stat...
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by RiHdz1
Tony Gaddis Book
I am studying Starting Out C++ 6th Edition by Tony Gaddis. I on chapter 4, problem 8 (Sorted Names)...
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