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Typecasting char array to int ( not Converting )
Hi all Im looking for the correct syntax to typecast a character array as an int. So i would be...
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by Nasdap
Voronoi diagram
Hi everyone, I'm looking for a source (thesis, paper, video, book) with a detailed, easy to under...
[3 replies] Last: Maybe this will help: There are sev... (by norm b)
Increasing Double Array Size Limit
I am trying to make a double array, but I keep getting an error Segmentation fault (core dumped) ...
[1 reply] : I think you need to post more code if you want help. The ` Segmentati... (by Bdanielz)
Sudoku Solver
Hi guys! I wrote a program in C++ to solve Sodoku. I just cant figure whats wrong with it....... I'...
[1 reply] : You would get better response if you make your code more readable by u... (by geeloso)
Checking if a class is a descendent or ascendent of another class
Trying bool A::isDescendentOf (A* p) const { return std::is_convertible<decltype(*this), declt...
[3 replies] Last: Perhaps I can try to combine our ideas. That is probably best, and... (by Daleth)
by leewj
8 queens problem conflict check
Hello all, I recently read up about the 8 queens problem and tried to solve it myself, in C++. I mad...
[1 reply] : Use the instructions found here (Algorithm): (by Smac89)
Two Identical For Loops giving problems
cout<<"Please enter the number of cylinders each disk has: "<<endl; for ( int a = d; d >= 1 ; d...
[10 replies] Last: You need to the code the enter the number of cylinders. So that part s... (by dhayden)
Hello I have a question about a simple keylogger. Could someone move up the code. And yet I que...
[1 reply] : There's a bug at line 105. The condition is always true. This won't w... (by dhayden)
C++ mathematic problem
Hi, everybody So im writting a program that will solve lim functions...(nothing crazy) My problem ...
[2 replies] Last: In addition, you want to take the limit, which means dealing with very... (by dhayden)
Help - class - bank
All the problems are in the line 67 of the main, help me please, I can't find the error. Here the...
[6 replies] Last: Now I've onle one question more, where I've to delete the two pointers... (by jonanderdiez)
Create a process and assign to his a pipe terminal like stoudt
Hi :) I have study that create a pipe and set a terminal of this pipe like a stdout of a process is ...
[2 replies] Last: Sorry,i have not specified that i want to use windows... (by Franconet)
Merge sort between 2 file with thread
// mergefile2norecreation.cpp : definisce il punto di ingresso dell'applicazione console. // // F...
[4 replies] Last: Yes sure,but it is not a real an exercises. thanks :) (by Franconet)
function-definition not allowed at beginning and expected '{' at end of input
string buildPrompt(void) { int i; int intRatCounter = 0; int intCounter; int intItemNum...
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Problem with Logical OR in Dev-C++
I keep trying to create a game code in C++. Just a simple dice game, nothing big or bad. Now, I've g...
[3 replies] Last: I see my mistake now. Thank you for your excellent answers! (by ParadoxicalMe)
having issues adding #include <libxml++/libxml++.h>
using xcode in osx 10.8 installed libxml via brew any suggestions?
[6 replies] Last: Yes! my $PATH was loading the wrong directory first. so my brew ins... (by Bdanielz)
by Ashhh
"How to create login id and password" somebody help me to fix it because i have to submit this assig...
[1 reply] : Does it have to be that code? I mean you don't even use the length fun... (by BHX)
by Latik
How to return value from a while in in any function
Suppose I have the following function containing while loop: #include <iostream> using namespace st...
[8 replies] Last: I based my code off of the desired output he displayed. I passed by re... (by Manga)
by MrPak
No sure how to set up Opengl
I am learning c++ and i would like to try to make a 2d game and I heard that for c++ opengl is the b...
[4 replies] Last: You're not linking to the sfml libs. For visual studio I just make a ... (by Disch)
Move the first word in a line of text to the end.
Hi, I am working on a bonus question for school. By using #include <iostream> and #include <strin...
[12 replies] Last: <algorithm> has std::rotate() to offer. (by JLBorges)
Does DCI look procedural to you?
I just wrote this on comp.object, but I don't think the group is active anymore, so I post it here, ...
[6 replies] Last: I guess learning more about DCI will have to wait. Cope banned me (I t... (by StedeTroisi)
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