Any Ladies on Here?

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Im supposed to be thinking about my relationship at the moment, shes gone to stay with her mother, I can chose between having an awesome clear office space to study in and enjoying the thrill of the chase again while not having to worry or listen to the other halfs constant insecurities but at the cost of having my heart strings pulled, feeling lonlley and old, not having sex with a very hot girl whenever I want and the feeling of kicking a needy puppy in the face, shes not used to being on her own either.

Im making a pros and cons list but I dont actually know if I trust the entries, theres an idea for an app, you put in the pros and cons of your partner and assign points in, or even choose pros and cons and an algorythm gives you computer chosen counceling, just like what you would get off actuall people on the net
Maybe thats the funny thing about life. We always seem to want what we think we can't have. Hang in there Devon.
I have a friend who is seventeen only, and she has been in to programming for years. She used to use Game Maker when she was little, and she loved it.

She now is learning x86 binary codes - some questions on StackExchange's Stackoverflow reek of her postings and questioning - but I see her as at least an engineering programmer of some sort when she gets older.

As of now she's already writing system software, Assembly programs on x86, and wants to create an Android app.

Definitely not an archetypal teenage girl.
Hearsay, myth, elusive beast.
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Yes we know what you think of yourself, but what do you think about Andy Harglesis's post ;).
XD I am a unicorn.
A person interested in assembly at 17 is amazing if you ask me. I met a guy some months ago and he told me he went to a kind of high school that taught a bit of it, but he (anybody in the class) wasn't the least bit interested in it.
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A person interested in assembly at 17 is amazing if you ask me.

wouldnt it be amazing if they actually did stuff with it? im interested in assembly and im 17, but i havent even attempted to learn any of the flavors yet. i mean im sure that all of my friends are interested in assembly, but none of us could write any good code, past copying and pasting code
@Devon - Who makes pros and cons lists? If you like the girl, then you should be knocking round at her mother's house, RIGHT NOW. Go and do it RIGHT NOW. And then give her a kiss, tell her you love her and ask her to move back in right away.

Office space. pffffffffffffffffffffffff
wouldnt it be amazing if they actually did stuff with it?

I guess.
That was just from personal experience. Maybe people like you are common, but not in my school. I would have sure liked a friend with your interests in high school. I was the only computer-oriented person I knew.
@mats, its nice to have space though, my ears are ringing and I know that im not boring her by working, maybe I will keep her but we will live in different places, its hard dude, were both going to uni.

@meriden, I agree how cool would it be to have a partner who could write code.
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Partner as in lover? I'd probably be a jerk and criticize her code formatting all the time. I'm quite stubborn when it comes to that (yes, I know it's stupid).
I surfaced facebook once for a girl into game dev. and actually found one! I thought I was in love until I saw she had a girlfriend. :(
Well according to women's terminology, all women have girlfriends. Also, just because they have a girlfriend they are dating, doesn't mean they aren't interested in guys.
@Manga - Most relationships don't last. Not everyone with a girlfriend doesn't date the other sex...
keskiverto wrote:
The implication of the existence of nonhuman people/dates ...
Remember that video with that girl that has sex with a dog?
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@Lumpkin: waaaaaat?

Also I don't remember ever saying that quoted text.
Whoops, wrong quote.
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Hey,I am a girl.
LIES, Lies from the tips of your fingers.
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