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Child Window and Input Priority
I'm having trouble with my child windows, when they overlap then the window that was opened first is...
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2D Platform Games
Hi guys Im new to these forums but I need help. I'm kinda okay with game programming for the most...
[10 replies] Last: I'm actually trying to make a platform game of my own! I thank all of ... (by Pranay Venkatesh)
Serial communication - loopback
Hi, I have loopback on my serial port and I am trying to send byte via this port and receive it imm...
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Outlook 2010 code
The problem is, I know nothing about C++ but I have everything I need to make the script I want. Th...
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Programming for Mobile Platforms
I was wondering what the difference between programming for windows desktop and programming for a mo...
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Seg fault when deleting queue, only when large
I'm new to the forums so if this should be posted in a different category, let me know. I have a pr...
[2 replies] Last: Oh I didn't even think of that! How would I fix this? EDIT: I wrote a... (by opusGlass)
by huike
Need help with SDL error
I recently started over on a project I was doing in SDL so I created a new project but now I'm getti...
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What is the difference between Viewports and windows view coordinates?
Question is in the title been reading about mapping modes and I don't really understand them.
[1 reply] : I can vaguely remember this, I will have to open my Petzold, he did a ... (by guestgulkan)
How to change the background of a readable edit control
Hey, I am working on this project where I need to update an edit box every couple of seconds with a...
[1 reply] : An example I just knocked up in Codeblocks. One thing to note is the ... (by guestgulkan)
Looking for realtime Win32 pixel control.
Dear Reader, I am looking for a way to accurately set pixels in a Win32 window. I'm pretty s...
[6 replies] Last: So the primitives and bitmaps get passed to the underlying system, whi... (by Niels Meijer)
Winsock question
Hey. I'm now learning how to make simple server-client applications, and I'm having hard time under...
[2 replies] Last: I'll check it out. Thanks! So, the part that I'm missing is Multitask... (by Northern)
Floating toolbar problem
I am trying to fix a toolbar related problem. My program is Single Document Interface, MFC based, wr...
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by lmsmi1
FreeImage WinAPI PNG Image Loading
I am still confused about how to successfully load a PNG image using FreeImage. My code below com...
[3 replies] Last: Inside what window ?| Window have SS_BITMAP style to a static control ... (by modoran)
Why and how much stackk size to give in CreateThread api
Hi, I am trying to learn thread programming using C++ and Win32 thread API. CreateThread() a...
[4 replies] Last: When will stackoverflow occur? When you've used it all. As I said be... (by kbw)
Undefined Reference to a private HINSTANCE in the Header
Header #ifndef MAINWINDOW_H #define MAINWINDOW_H #include <windows.h> class MainWindow {...
[5 replies] Last: You have to initialize the static variable outside the class definitio... (by AHCFan20)
May I have help with windows Programming please
Hi I'm relatively new to C++ I understand the basics OK. I would now like to move onto windows progr...
[4 replies] Last: [quote=newbieg]One thing to keep in mind is that windows api is set to... (by modoran)
client area is moving to screen (0,0) position
Hi, I am creating one parent window, inside that one child window.Now i am displaying an image in...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks Disch and EssGeEich, I solved the issue. (by rajvesh)
Displaying Image from stream
I'm trying to display an image from a stream data. But there is no image when getting image::from s...
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by lmsmi1
Changing text in Static control
I have some static text on a window, and want to change it after a progressbar gets to a certain poi...
[5 replies] Last: All I needed was brackets around the WM_TIMER case code. Now how do I... (by lmsmi1)
MadWizard winsock tutorial
I found this really nice winsock tutorial online, and I'm still struggling with it but I need a work...
[6 replies] Last: You need to link with ws2_32.lib (by kbw)
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