Windows Programming - March 2013

by dp1
Help with UNICODE?
Hello everybody, I'm developing a simple notepad-like application, using only WinAPI. I've added s...
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How to parse and handle messages on winsock server
Say I have client X passing Y message to Z winsock server. I am trying to make a RAT for educationa...
[2 replies] Last: All these issues have been addressed before. You just need to search ... (by kbw)
Object not being constructed properly
I am having an issue with objects in my program not being constructed properly. I have a feeling it ...
[2 replies] Last: i realize that all the members are not initialized. will that affect t... (by tyler22)
Getting Text From a Window
Hey, I'm a noob to this forum. I've been lurking for a while, but I never had to post a question. It...
[2 replies] Last: Found what I needed! GetWindowText & SetWindowText. All the stuff y... (by codedope)
[0day]Military Level Remote 0day for Analyse[CODE]
Hi, I today have discovered a Remote Exploit Present on SafeNet which is also a provider of Securi...
[2 replies] Last: okay , well _asm mov eax , 0 is a way of return 0 in a opcode so just ... (by closed account ozUkoG1T)
by geran6
ListView control group header click event
Is there a straightforward way to trap this event, when the user clicks a group header in a listview...
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Noob question
So I'm fairly new to using the windows API, along with my new IDE Visual studio. I've been messing a...
[4 replies] Last: I can only think of that way of a slower way because: [quote=MSDN]The... (by S G H)
Char array into byte array
Hi, I want to write a " C" code to convert char array into unsigned char array. Actually I want ...
[5 replies] Last: Hi, Finally I found a solution. But I don't think it's a good idea. B... (by dushantha12)
MFC Change Menu Action
I'm working on a track editor using MFC and I need the "File -> New" to open up a dialog instead of ...
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A synchronization barrier primitive that allows multiple processes to block on an event until some o...
[6 replies] Last: You should be able to use MUTEXes through Processes. See here: http:... (by S G H)
Libpqxx linking on windows
Hello all, Can anybody help with these 2 questions ? -I what to do a static linking of libpqxx...
[1 reply] : Solved it. Used MSYS to compile the library and then set static option... (by nelson777)
Check 64 bits dependencies
Hello all, Short question: read only the last paragraph. Long question: I want to compile m...
[2 replies] Last: Great info thanks. :) (by nelson777)
[CODE] Sandbox Detection [/CODE]
Hi, Today I will be posting a code snippet of SandBox Detection. When I do my analysis of Compute...
[7 replies] Last: Sandbox is a type of software which restricts any file a typical SandB... (by closed account ozUkoG1T)
by still
Import Descriptor of COM library and linkage
Hi! I am trying to understand the linkage of Direct3D and noticed that the import library (d3d11....
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monitoring clipboard data
want to write interrupt based console application or windows service for monitoring changed data in...
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Proportional content resizing during window resizing
Hey guys, I'm new to windows programing and am currently studying charles petzhold's book. I hav...
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Questcion about C++
Hello.I'm kind of new to programming,I'd like to know : Can you create a program wich for example,...
[4 replies] Last: Yes you can create a program to do this. The easiest way to achieve th... (by Zaita)
Object Oriented issue
I am creating a program that draws simple shapes and holds data about them. For this purpose I have ...
[12 replies] Last: case RECTANGLE: if (click == 0) { GetCursorPos(&pa); ... (by tyler22)
Whats a good place?
To learn how to Program in Windows, please leave a link.
[10 replies] Last: Alright then, here: (by Oria)
compilers not working
Well i am starting to learn c++ and i seem to be having problems. I started with dev c++ , however i...
[5 replies] Last: What is the error on Code::Blocks? Bloodshed Dev-C++ is Outdated. You ... (by S G H)
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