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by oajfh
USB Port byte sending
Greetings, I have an electronic card, custom-made by somebody else with a microcontroller, which ha...
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GUI (windowsform) using winPcap library and functions
Hello, I have the following winPcap problem using windows forms in C++ with the winPcap functions (...
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Where Can I learn Windows Programming?
I just Was learning C++ programming tutorials. But now I saw Windows programming is there any kind o...
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by Cpper
C++ Windows how can I make make a messagebox that shows the text of a textbox?
Read title. #include<windows.h> LRESULT CALLBACK WndProc (HWND, UINT, WPARAM, LPARAM); int...
[1 reply] : use GetWindowTextLength to get window text length, allocate memory a... (by tath)
by RS365
how to implement expression parser in c++. can amyone plsssssss help ... ????? thanx in advance.......
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Assembler TASM I8086
Hi. I need some help with an assembler program. How can I make to display AH content? Thanks
[1 reply] : you should call a build in/library function. If you're in windows, jus... (by pandasd)
by vijkrr
copy a wild char from a char array
Hi all, Assume I've an array of strings which contain some chinese chars inside. Eg: " This is...
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Bind process to C++ app
Basically I want to "bind" privoxy.exe to my app so if my app is closed, crashes, is force closed, o...
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Beep() ?
Hi, I was testing something and for some reason beep() is failing on WIndows 7. I used it million...
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Visual Basic Pig Latin
I am having trouble with a program that allows the user to input a word that is then converted to pi...
[3 replies] Last: can i suggest they actually have a visual basic forum (by Little Bobby Tables)
C++ and Excel with ole2.h
I am trying to simply open a excel file in the root directory of the program and save certain sheets...
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Help With Programming My First Game
Hey guys, this is my first post here, and I am fairly new to programming. I just completed my firs...
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by tec23
Dynamic Meory Allocation
Hi. I have this code //length is int variable char *hStr = new char [length+12]; delete hStr; { ...
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automating excel 2007
Hi, i have automated excell using VC6++ and my program works. now i need to find the address of the ...
[7 replies] Last: Hi cburn11, thanks again for the help. this also works: objSheet =... (by valeraLat)
Compilers on Windows for c/++ and more.
Hi i'm looking for a list of compilers that support a broad amount of languages on a windows platfor...
[5 replies] Last: no problem ;) and +1 for gcc. i was going to suggest that (by Little Bobby Tables)
help with accessing my docs in visual basics
hey so like the title states, i need help fixing my code. i'm not exactly sure why its not working, ...
[6 replies] Last: My assumption: -You're getting the folder size: (the size of all the ... (by closed account j3Rz8vqX)
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