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Duplicate ID's
I have done this simply so I can assign certain colors to CTEXT portins in my RC files... #ifndef ...
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Detecting a key press
When I say a key press I mean so it detects it as being pressed and not held down. So GetAsyncKe...
[1 reply] : Windows sends a WM_KEYDOWN message to your window when that happens. ... (by Disch)
Help please
This programming assignment will test your ability to design an algorithm to solve the following pr...
[1 reply] : post some code. (by bobdabilder)
How do I overlay an image on the Picture Control which is used to play the live video produced by Microsoft Kinect?
Hi, I m trying to overlay an image on a live video produced using Microsoft Kinect. The IDE used...
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Retrieving Variables from Config File
I'm trying to make a windows application that get's the window width and height from a config file. ...
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How to read a file mask?
I wanted to use a file mask as suppose there is a folder in D drive which contains some files. Then...
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CPrintDialog doesn't see the printer
Hi, I'm developing an MFC application using VS2010. I noticed that the the printing in my ap...
[4 replies] Last: It's a bit erratic for me. After I created the default MFC project and... (by blackbolek)
How to do initial tasks when calling Show()
I called several Form2 from Form1 as in below: for(int i=0; i<maxLoop; i++){ Form2^ myForm = g...
[1 reply] : Why are u creating multiple forms and what do u want to do in them? (by bobdabilder)
by HJH
Functions programming problem
I need code for the following problem: You’re working for a company that lays ceramic floor til...
[4 replies] Last: Here is my code followed by the errors. #include <iostream> #include... (by HJH)
Finished program: Computer Backup, any opinions?
I finished a program I had been working on for about 3 days about 1 day ago, and have uploaded the s...
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