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math not showing 2 digits
I am trying to multiply two numbers short totalSharesPurchased = 1024, stockPurchasePrice =...
[5 replies] Last: That looks good. New to c++ and in beginning class so have not leaned... (by rkstengel)
How to call a function from another class
Hello. I have 2 classes. The first one has in it a getfunction which returns a name and I am try...
[3 replies] Last: It doesn't have anything to do with where you are calling it from. (by Athar)
size of pointer variable
#include<iostream> using namespace std; int main() { char *p; cout<<"size of:"<<siz...
[5 replies] Last: @Script Coder @vlad is that because the class uses 32 bytes to store... (by vlad from moscow)
Help please....ipo chart
Hello I am new member in the forum... i would like to get some help is the proble...
[7 replies] Last: Use pseudocode/algorithm just (by clavier)
Magic Sqaure -- sum of diagonals help
Here's part of my code so far: void main () { int magic ; //call functions getDat...
[4 replies] Last: I was thinking about it and I'm sure you do the same thing as for (... (by Anthony Hernandez)
Anagram program .
Hi I am trying an Anagram program in c++. Anagram : Two words are said to be anagrams of each oth...
[7 replies] Last: Hi, This program works : #include <stdio.h> #include <iostream> us... (by srikanth chitturi)
Declaring variable for use across multiple files.
Disclaimer: Noob question I've decided to dive right into playing with code, no real prior coding e...
[3 replies] Last: BTW, doing this is not something you want to be doing. It should be av... (by blueberry)
Interpretation help please
I need to write a program in labview that will read data from .mzml files. Here is the code snippet ...
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by ToniAz
The Practice of Declaring Custom Classes as Pointers
Hello everyone! I don't know if I asked my question correctly, but this is what I'm after: class f...
[6 replies] Last: Polymorphism doesn't require the use of pointers: it works with refere... (by Cubbi)
difference between float and double
main() { float me = 1.1; double you = 1.1; if(me==you) printf("I love U"); else printf("I h...
[2 replies] Last: i compiled this code and got the answer as "i hate you". Thank you fo... (by sdinesh1991)
Roman Numerals
I am attempting to create a program that will convert roman numerals to decimals and decimals to rom...
[7 replies] Last: @andywestken I didn't know this XC was valid, I only knew about IV IX... (by Maniax)
by Arik V
dafault constructor
hi evryone! I get the this error: error C2512: 'Temp_client' : no appropriate default constructor ...
[2 replies] Last: 'Temp_client' does not have a default constructor so u have to initial... (by soranz)
by mahone
How do I create header files?
Need some help with creating header files and linking them.. I have been trying this simple examp...
[8 replies] Last: First of all, Thank you Everyone for sharing this useful info. I kn... (by mahone)
Hey jus a small prob with percentages
doing some work for tafe here and got everything working for a dice simulator that needs to simulate...
[6 replies] Last: #include<stdlib.h> #include<stdio.h> void main() { float Per... (by Whyt123)
String Array output to a txt file problem.
Hello I want to write an Array in a TXT File, but it donĀ“t work. My program just write a hexcode i...
[1 reply] : You declare an array of strings, which decays to a pointer to the firs... (by BlackSheep)
weird error with 4-way binary tree
I am just getting a weird list of errors and any help at all would be greatly appreciated. HERE: ...
[10 replies] Last: I've never come across any warning like that, and I've used each of th... (by helios)
VS2010 template project?
Making those links to SFML are really annoying and I was wondering If I could make another project a...
[4 replies] Last: but why is dynamically linking libraries dumb? It's personal opini... (by Disch)
college work
I just stared my c++ class tonight. My first assessment is to write a C++ program that declares a va...
[6 replies] Last: thank you for your help it works know (by wormy677)
Are there any problems with my program
I'm new to c++ and I wrote a program that computes the tax and the tip on a restaurant bill for 2 pa...
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by mjhay
i don't know how to create a problem to make it a program.
[1 reply] : What? (by ascii)
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