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Most Common Word in a Document (1,2)
I hope this is the right place to post this..... I am currently having to write a program that open...
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How can I calculate variables from base/derived class functions?
Hello, I am trying to work out coordinates in a base class using a member function. Whilst I kno...
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Compiler sends wrong syntax error
I have a "kolekcija" class with 2 template classes which work finely when testing in main with the K...
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How to write a Pseudo code for a C++ application?
How to write a pseudo code for C++ application like this, #include <iostream> using namespace ...
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by Bopaki
Error: no match for operator=
On the program below I get get this error when compling: 20 11 C:\Dev-Cpp\MAlikChapter13\Example1...
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why does the message in my program get printed at different number locations in thread
I was watching this tutorial and following is the code. The line "Beauty is only skin deep" gets pri...
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is this a good practice to you ???
i just need your opinion ,does my coding are good practice ,pleaseee tell me what do you guys think,...
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what would be some good practice?
still somewhat new to C++ so far I have made the basic hello world program, I have made a program th...
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how would you type this equation
How would i write this equation in c++ z = (1 + (x/12)) ^ (12 * y) i wrote it as z ...
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by NBboi
Running .cpp files in the command line
Hello, my intro C++ course is requiring us to run our .cpp files in the command line. I downloaded a...
[10 replies] Last: means run the command A , and then afterwards run the command B Almo... (by keskiverto)
Copying a Char Array into a struct with 2d char array?
Trying to fill a struct that has 200 items in it. I haven't even gotten to the double Value yet...I...
[1 reply] : Assuming that the name is stored as a null terminated string, somethin... (by JLBorges)
base class pointers array to deriveds class
i write a program that got an abstract base class and some deriveds classes as well, in the main fi...
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how to include cout.fill
how to fill cout.fill in my coding ,i still cant run it even though i put it under char #include...
[4 replies] Last: I see no attempt to call cout.fill() in the code you posted. Please ... (by AbstractionAnon)
by xx1182
I don't get why it is not compiling
So, basically i'm trying to make a program, but that is not the point. It should work, i'm sure. But...
[3 replies] Last: Hello xx1182, I believe what is happening here is that "Class.cpp" is... (by Handy Andy)
by Tobruk
Including boost::nowide either as standalone version or part of Boost fails
Hello. I'm trying to use boost::nowide and I'm struggling to make it all work. First I tried with ...
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How can I display 2 calculated varibles from an object of a class using a member function?
Hello, I have developed a coin flip simulator using classes and member functions. I have been ab...
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by muratk
Old Mcdonald program
Why am i getting error her ? void Verse(string animal, string noise) { cout << "Old McDonald h...
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How to convert weekly pay to monthly
Hello all, I am trying to convert my weekly gross pay to a monthly pay in C++. I have everything i...
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Basic credit Limit
After the first customer's case It should display the "Enter the account number: "(of 2nd customer)....
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Where am i going wrong?[Recursively replace'pi' with '3.14']
This is what i have to do- changePi("xpix") → "x3.14x" changePi("pipi") → "3.143.14" changePi("p...
[1 reply] : you create another `b' each time you call the function, so when you pr... (by ne555)
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