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by Malas
Program skips two functions in my sudoku solver.
Hey. Programming beginner here, so I might not be familiar with the lingo. I was trying to make this...
[1 reply] : Which means that samecol and samerow is being skipped, somehow? No, ... (by cire)
by rmeade
My input all on the same line cin?
I have a weird issue I can't seem to solve I am not sure if I am overlooking something simple or if ...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you for the help this solved my issue. (by rmeade)
searching .txt files from folders(how can i do this?)
i want to get a folder path from user then the program will find the .txt files in this folder. how ...
[2 replies] Last: Here is a simple demo how to find all files in a directory. Needs C++1... (by Thomas1965)
File Will Not Open! Help ASAP
I Need Help Getting This File To Open! Please!. This project is due tonight and I cant get the file ...
[8 replies] Last: I got the out file to output That's good! It means: 1. you have the... (by Chervil)
Get the numbers of numbers help . Numbers is classified as a group of numbers! Help Please!
Looking for the best way to find the # of numbers when I already have the number of digits found ! H...
[13 replies] Last: @marqual, There is no point in presenting output that manifestly didn'... (by lastchance)
Code returns memory address instead of expected output
Here is my code: #include <iostream> #include <vector> char RandomUpperChar() { int charOne;...
[7 replies] Last: Good on rewriting the code so that you don't have to initialize it one... (by fiji885)
Payroll Summary
How would I be able to make recently processed data to: 1. Display a table at the end of the prog...
[7 replies] Last: You are welcome. Any time. Andy (by Handy Andy)
Unresolved externals
Can someone please help me with how to resolve this issue? It says I have 2 unresolved externals whe...
[1 reply] : Hello jkazma13, PLEASE ALWAYS USE CODE TAGS (the <> formatting button... (by Handy Andy)
Help with arrays Calculating average c++
I have already written most of the codes. The only thing i am missing is calculating AVERAGE and SU...
[1 reply] : Hello trazafin, lines 53 - 56 looks it should do the job in summing t... (by Handy Andy)
C++ assignment
Could you help me with this code thanks everyone a. Create the vector via an initialization list...
[no replies]
Airport Activity Problem
Hello I am fairly new to C++ and I am having a small issue with this project. The problem that I am ...
[3 replies] Last: Never Mind I figured it out. Thank you for all your help. (by jonk8623)
virtual functions/polymorphism
I need help with C ++ virtual functions/polymorphism assignment and I'm not understanding how to do...
[no replies]
by pavik
endless loop
The code below works fine with numeric input but gets in an endless loop with alphabetical input. Wh...
[6 replies] Last: why is because it is valid .. stoi etc type functions can pull out a p... (by jonnin)
by ajh
Help with pointers
Hi my program is meant to calculate the average of however many test scores the user decides to inpu...
[1 reply] : to print out what was input (you can add to it, this is the bare bones... (by jonnin)
strings anagrams(HELP)(Emergency)
ANYONE KNOW HOW TO WRITE THIS CODE? Two strings are anagrams of each other if one can be formed b...
[1 reply] : Hello cj04077, ANYONE KNOW HOW TO WRITE THIS CODE? Yes and do not s... (by Handy Andy)
use of class template requires template argument list
I'm getting this error on line 7 in Source.cpp , use of class template requires template argument...
[5 replies] Last: That is really elegant way of solving the issue. Following the link ... (by Enoizat)
String binary addition (Help)
A binary number is a base-2 number composed of the binary digits (bits) 0 and 1. For example, the b...
[3 replies] Last: You do it the same way as you do decimal. I've been trying to post an ... (by kbw)
by jsbd29
Help with header C++
I've finish all the required part but sadly I've encountered errors on the (Sunday and Saturday part...
[3 replies] Last: Thank You Andy! I works now . I am having problems to create the heade... (by jsbd29)
Reading in City names from file
hello, I'm trying to understand the best way to read in a city name from file when the file looks li...
[3 replies] Last: Ok thank you both (by Carter205)
overload typecasting operator
How to overload the typecasting operator, I wrote an overloaded version of it, but it has no effect....
[7 replies] Last: explicit is a language keyword which disallows implicit conversions.... (by mbozzi)
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