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by Pwego
Why does this not work!?!?
Ok I have a working code which is : //stage 1 (first box) if (!isitem&&!p1&&!p3){ Drawitem...
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by Pwego
Having noob problems
I have some issues just making a line go up and down on the screen. Instead of keep posting here whi...
[1 reply] : On the contrary, this is a HELP FORUM. You post your problems here and... (by Hotice)
by Pwego
This If and While loop issue
I am still really new to c++ and I want to know about these loops so i was experimenting and I saw s...
[4 replies] Last: You could even have in an if-statement a condition that contradicts th... (by Hotice)
Why is my operator erring?
I am teaching myself how to overload operators in C++. I have tried the following. #include <cma...
[4 replies] Last: Also, macros are generally dangerous to use, as they don't perform any... (by Hotice)
need 25 programs
I need to take printouts of 25 programs made by me on arrays and loops.Can anybody help me by sugges...
[4 replies] Last: Actually try a few of these. They are usually simple programs that wo... (by Stewbond)
Why is the superclass's default constructor being called?
I am teaching myself the basics of inheritance with the code snippet below. #include <iostream> u...
[1 reply] : In the constructor of a derived class you should call the constructor ... (by Fransje)
Operator Overloading with Templates
Hi! I'm trying to overload << operator and running into an error that says function template partia...
[5 replies] Last: Tried with a forward declaration and still ran into errors. Then tried... (by noisycoder)
by tdk93
fatal error, while input array of char*
this is the code---------- int main() { int noOfChefs, noOfEmails; cin >> noOfChefs >>...
[2 replies] Last: You have an array of pointers to char, but they are not properly initi... (by Chervil)
by Marcan
For loop increment condition?
Hi everyone, I just stumbled upon the solution to this exercise here:
[2 replies] Last: Thank you. I really couldn't wrap my head around this one, now it mak... (by Marcan)
How to Draw a diamond and Rectangular hollow in c++
How to Draw a diamond and Rectangular hollow in c++
[1 reply] : Honestly just stop... (by opiop65)
by jCha
Pyramid Calculations
Hi, i'm trying to make a program that does the required calculations to show the following: ...
[4 replies] Last: i have found it too ^^ int i=0, k=8, j=0, F=9, R=0; for (i=8;i>=1;i... (by jCha)
hi friends , I have to put the output of a loop into an array.How do I put it???
[11 replies] Last: I only guided you... Hopefully you learned something and can see the o... (by Moooce)
error: expected unqualified id before '[' token
Can someone figure out what the problem is? It is on line 32. #include <iostream> #include ...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks so much. Although the program is not producing an answer. This ... (by eagleman)
can't find coding error
My file reads in part like this: ----------------------------------------------------------- /* ...
[6 replies] Last: I had put the pthread.h in my program directory in my attempts to figu... (by NanoGoner)
Hello CplusPlus forum. Im making a simple program using for-loop with this output: 1234 123 ...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks for your replys Vlad and Rapunzel I've got it. and added som... (by spherecraft)
struct and pointers
how do i read this voin inserimento(Nodo * &testa, int numero) { whatever is here } i ...
[3 replies] Last: thank you soo much...ne555 you made me woke up from my slumber...thank... (by donfire)
Template overloading
Hi! I'm trying to overload my constructor and it's showing an error saying cannot overload. this...
[3 replies] Last: This is not a good idea: class CXMLString: public std::string Eithe... (by JLBorges)
array task
Ok so i post the code..which is working perfectly fine, then i go on with the question :)/>/> 01 #i...
[4 replies] Last: thank you sooo much're a genius!!! (by donfire)
by Antos
Before Beginnig with C++
Hi and Happy New Year, to you all, I wish to learn C++ and before jumping in I would like to unde...
[1 reply] : 1) There are libraries that you can use for specific projects. For exa... (by closed account zb0S216C)
Help with templates
Hi!! i'm using templates for the first time and trying to implement it in one the programs which had...
[4 replies] Last: Hi! thanks for that code. However in the mean while what I tried was d... (by noisycoder)
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