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Easiest Language to begin with...
I picked up a book the other day in an attempt to learn C++. My goal is to become a game developer, ...
[4 replies] Last: I, personally started with python, HTML and java. It can get you into ... (by inc0001)
Problem with sentinels
Hello all @, I am a newb to C++ programming and I'm working on a currency conversion program...
[7 replies] Last: Thanks much coder777 for your assistance. I believe I figured out the ... (by bigyankeefan)
Random selection
I am thinking of creating a simple text based fighting game, with upward, downward, and sideways str...
[1 reply] : At the very beginning of your program, call srand(time(0)); to seed ... (by LB)
Invalid operands and overloaded function error
I am messing around with C++ and doing a ridiculously simple IO program, when I encountered an error...
[2 replies] Last: Ah, thanks for the help, I edited my previous post as I fixed the prob... (by Doctor Zombie)
sentinel loops
Hello, I have a question(s) about the format of a sentinel value loop. For my assignment, I must ...
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by Insley
Issue with expected output, always comes out 0
I am doing an assignment for c++ class. I have to say that I am a beginner in every sense of the wo...
[9 replies] Last: getData (maritalStatus, children, salary, pension, standardExemption,... (by ne555)
by Ch1156
Program keeps crashing when i play it D:
I am almost done with my text game and I cannot figure out why it just started crashing. I cant post...
[12 replies] Last: I don't know whether you had any boring teachers, who made boring stat... (by TheIdeasMan)
by mpack
Expected 'a' before 'a'
I am brand new to C++ and attempting to start with a simple program that adds or multiplies numbers ...
[4 replies] Last: Good catch on improper use of assignment operator. I didn't notice th... (by kempofighter)
problem with the STL container--map
01.explicit map ( const Compare& comp = Compare(), 02. const Allocator& = Allocator...
[1 reply] : Take a look at this Th... (by kempofighter)
Help Censoring Words!
Hey there, I am supposed to modify given code to receive input of sensitive words, receive input of ...
[1 reply] : Oh, and the problem is that I can not replace the sentences containing... (by iTzBiGENGLAND)
Word recognition
string word=""; std::ifstream in("Testing.txt"); std::string contents((std::istreambu...
[4 replies] Last: Ok thanks, I'll remember that. (by Fatal Exception)
by JakOrp
recursive on all control paths
hi, I searched for this error and found that it arises from function calling itself over and over, w...
[7 replies] Last: It would appear that you're trying to put the definition of a function... (by cire)
Having A Hard Time with Subroutines
Here's some background. I enrolled last year in an Introduction to C++ course, which I did pretty we...
[5 replies] Last: Thanks a ton, Zhuge, you helped a lot. Kempo also helped somewhat, tha... (by Patcheresu)
Getline displaying empty character
Hello, I'm using the getline method to get data from the user, store it in a variable called ...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks a bunch, this mystery is solved scooby doo. (by johnnydiamond08)
C++ Math
How to do square of a number in C++?
[7 replies] Last: Absolutely ... (by Sikander Hayyat)
assistance needed in selecting the appropriate variable?
I'm making a small password system (*very* low tech, any dipshit can crack it) . So, the user input...
[2 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <cstdio> #include <ss... (by inc0001)
by colem
percentage of values
if i wanted to give a set of values each a percentage of being chosen how would i go about that for ...
[4 replies] Last: What can you do: #include <iostream> #include <random> int main() { ... (by MiiNiPaa)
annoying rounding problems...
i have made a program and its output is sometimes something like 1.0000005 . that's pretty annoyin...
[3 replies] Last: hmm ok thank you (by gelatine)
What types of loops can be nested?
[8 replies] Last: Your post made me chuckle Oria. I would imagine that the compiler wou... (by randisking)
Stuck on an annoying issue
Hello there! This is my first post on this forum ever. I have for the past 2 weeks been working ...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you for your answer! This did remove the litte red dot that sho... (by Staffank)
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