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problem in recursion
hello i try to write a recursive programm that will return the segond largest array in the random ar...
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by Pebble
Understanding Classes.
After running the following program but have a couple of question's: 1. The first line in main is...
[4 replies] Last: 1) Not space for 128 entries in class Person, but space for 128 instan... (by Fransje)
SDL closes instantly
Hi everyone, I just started learning SDL for obvious reasons. I used the following video as a tu...
[2 replies] Last: I should have seen that myself :P thanks, it works perfectly fine now ... (by simpleasy)
Airline Reservation System (argc/argv and parsing data)
Having trouble with argc/argv and parsing the data in my "void GetFlightData" function. Any help app...
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by Ch1156
Questions about .cpp and .h files
Ok so i have a large program and lets say i want to split it up into different parts to make it neat...
[3 replies] Last: Just use multiple headers. I mean you can have any amount of .h files... (by Oria)
hello i need a help in a recursion
i need to place the minimum number in the inition of the sorted array (i did it) and then to sort ot...
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Dynamic 2d Array
Im working on a connect 4 game assignment using a dynamic 2d array. This double pointer stuff is cau...
[2 replies] Last: Ahh thank you sir. Fixed my problem. And thanks for the delete advise.... (by xarrtarrant)
by Ch1156
Small problem in password function
I have a password function in my encryption program that has the user enter A password so that no on...
[8 replies] Last: [quote=Ch1156]this has to be a simple problem with the password functi... (by usandfriends)
Need help passing variables
I need help passing some variables between functions. I know I am doing it wrong, I just do not know...
[8 replies] Last: Thank you for the example. I got it! Thank you for explaining it to me... (by Chris1251)
by kikz
how to use float in C++?
hello guys...i just wanna ask u somethin' about float in C++ this is my program: #include <iostream...
[2 replies] Last: Additionally, you should always use double or long double because ... (by LB)
Using vector.size() in a function?
Hi - I am playing with a little program where I create a virtual population. So far, I've used vec...
[1 reply] : You will probably want to be doing it as classes. If you just want to ... (by LB)
const member function
Hi guys, I just want to check if the next statement is correct. Only const member functions of a cl...
[8 replies] Last: thanks. (by cesarknbv)
by JakOrp
identifier not found
I'm probably doing something incredibly stupid, but im getting these errors when i try to compile: ...
[4 replies] Last: thanks for your help guys, as usual its so obvious when its shown to y... (by JakOrp)
by Azib
Assignment Soulition
I am BCS student and i have received a assignment. Can someone help me. Objectives The objectives o...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks randisking..... (by Azib)
Rainfall Statistics/Array problem
Hey guys, I know you've probably seen questions regarding this program quite a few times on the foru...
[2 replies] Last: That worked out great, and I actually see where that would be a proble... (by SB Onyx)
Graphic simulation
Hi everyone, I feel like I'm already quite comfortable with programming in the command prompt, and ...
[1 reply] : You should look for the libraries which helps you to draw graphich and... (by MiiNiPaa)
fatal error: QPushButton : No such file or directory
I have an odd error. I have the Qt4 libraries installed and running Ubuntu 12.10. Here is my code...
[2 replies] Last: Holy Molly! Thank you! (by knowNothing)
C++ as Base for C# and Java
How one can prove that c++ is the base for C# and Java languages, or how c++ helps one for understan...
[6 replies] Last: one may disagree c++ has been inflential for Java ....... it's no a m... (by thekami)
simple calculations not working in if else statements
Good morning folks. Taking a c++ in college and i ran into an issue where a simply calculation is no...
[2 replies] Last: thank a lot for the feedback chervil. I appreciate it. (by barqcider)
How to create a loop that prints the numbers 1 to 20 but skips 3, 11, and 16.
[4 replies] Last: For loops are probably a better option since we're dealing with an ite... (by newbieg)
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