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Invalid conversion from void problem
I'm following a tutorial on making windows GUI using Win32 API. I've done this according to the tuto...
[4 replies] Last: I did in the first part of the tutorial, but then "we look at another ... (by Hashimatsu)
by math8
Checking whether numbers belong to a Lucas sequence
I am new to C++ and this is the second code that I have ever written. I have the first part of my c...
[3 replies] Last: Yes, that makes sense. (by Chervil)
by skarla
All c++ programmers look here.
I wanna just ask something about snake,so to see if it is very hard project or meduim. ask in t...
[10 replies] Last: Well, I think I could have a variable hold the amount the snake has ea... (by DesiredNote)
Simple question about '&'
Hi! I'm following a tutorial on creating win apps with WinAPI, and I'm curius about the '&' sign in ...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you =) (by Hashimatsu)
Creating a Calendar Month
Hello All: I am very new to this stuff but I wanted to try this out since I'll be doing this next...
[2 replies] Last: Oh no!! I'm sorry, I didn't realize that the data was aligned to the ... (by aaronfue)
by weliot
How do i do a function?
I'm taking a basic class of programing but we're kind of slow and i want to know hot to do a functio...
[4 replies] Last: thanks fransje it was very helpful (by weliot)
An easy problem
Can someone explain me what does "(integer + integer) >> 1" mean ...
[6 replies] Last: Note that shifting to the left is equivalent to multiplying by powers ... (by closed account zb0S216C)
Coding help with if statements and comparisons
//This program solves the qudratic equation #include <iostream> #include<cmath> #include<iomanip>...
[3 replies] Last: If you want to check if x4 is less than 0 I don't see why you don't ju... (by Peter87)
Extracting info from a variable
Hi! Suppose we have this statement. int year; cout << " Enter the year " << endl; ...
[1 reply] : modulus year % 100; //yields a number between 0-99 1988%100 = 88 1... (by clanmjc)
Variables losing values
Hello everybody, i have got a little problem. It's not the first time that happens and usually i've...
[2 replies] Last: Here's the code for the constructor First thing I notice is you are ... (by clanmjc)
When I run this program, I get the following errors Error 1 error C2146: syntax error : missing ';'...
[2 replies] Last: I do not see here a semicolon tax = .06 * (item1 + item2 + item3 + it... (by vlad from moscow)
by skarla
snake source.
Guys i have a snake source but i have a small problem. Whoever is very good with c++ can send h...
[4 replies] Last: How would I go about growing the snake without 'bloating' my code? (by DesiredNote)
Enum usage.
Hello, My algorithm has a few "modes", currently defined by an integer 'id'. A lot of my code fea...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks, working so far! Additional question: is there any kind of iss... (by Gaminic)
by Clark
Derived Template Class Copy Constructor Problem
I'm having trouble with my copy constructor is a new derived class I've created. Relevant code is as...
[7 replies] Last: Actually, that did fix it! I forgot to rebuild the solution after that... (by Clark)
I finally solved the guessing machine!
So i finally solved the bracketing search beginner excercise! And, to learn c++ better, i usually co...
[7 replies] Last: Thank you tnt, i did not think about this. Html, that does look more c... (by Terje Gundersen)
by MattV
C++ Intro
Hi, everyone. So my professor gave the class an assignment and what it had to do is basically have t...
[2 replies] Last: If you are forced to use a void add function than u could do: #incl... (by gtkano)
Vector problems
Hi there. I'm currently trying to code up my own Vector container class, starting with a 2D vector, ...
[7 replies] Last: Vector2D<int> and Vector2D<float> are two different types. You defined... (by vlad from moscow)
#define ENUM_OR_STRING( x ) #x
Hi, In the following code, #undef ENUM_OR_STRING #define ENUM_OR_STRING( x ) #x ...
[5 replies] Last: Thanks indeed!!! Helped a lot!! (by DeepBlack)
Troubleshooting error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol
Hello folks, I'm trying to build a simple program that accepts and stores contact information (fi...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks all for the response. I think I solved the problem with cont... (by EtDecius)
Why i can't compile this code??
Ok..this is too long so i will devide the code.. can anyone help me to made it right? #include <i...
[3 replies] Last: Ok. This is soooo long(as you said), and it will scare most people fro... (by Aceix)
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