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Please Help
I need help on my circular linked list using templates, but I get a number of errors when I compile....
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Is This Valid Insertion Sort?
I coded this up to use insertion sort on linked lists. It just doesn't seem like a valid insertion s...
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i/o array problem
The program I am trying to get to work takes in a string student ID. 2 double test scores (max score...
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by ND04
Pointer Display Number Of Days When Name Of The Month Entered
I Need Help With This Binary Search Tree Program Where User Have Option Of Choose From The Menu. ...
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Could I get some direction on this code please.
For some reason I can not get it past 00-000 when I use: while (ii<=9); I'm getting closer with:...
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first C++ class programming problem - need help
Write a program that accepts two numbers – temperature and day of week (if it is Sunday 1, otherwi...
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by djibn7
How do I add a counter for the comparisons so that it increments every time the two array value are ...
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need help please,
hello guys, i have one homework that i need to present it immediately to my professor, i would lik...
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Moving Character
I have a board where a character is. I need to ask the user whether they want to move it up, down, l...
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by mgd21
Need help with direction and shooting
Ive created a little program that the '@' symbol represents the user the other is the CPU, im trying...
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by Giga
Can't take input from my files
Assignment: Write a program that merges the numbers in two files and writes all the numbers into a t...
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problem with crt0dat.c, know what it is?
So my problem is that when I run my program, it seems to start up without a hitch. then it stops rig...
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error!! please help!!
bool Trie::addDictionary (string filename){ fstream file("sae-sorted.dic", ios::in); ...
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problem in array
#include <iostream> using namespace std; void main() { const int size=20; int i=1; ...
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strings and arrays
so this is the code that i'm working on and i get this error about binary and the std string. i want...
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problem in arrays please help me out
q.Use a one-dimensional array to solve the following problem. Read in 20 numbers, each of which is b...
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Can you help me?? I'm at wit's end with this matrix
This code works fine without the if loops, but when I add them it just goes forever. I was simply tr...
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by djibn7
Program Crashing When Compiled
I am trying to make this program to give me the cheapest price of the cars within the array. When I ...
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Why does my program crash?
Hello all, I'm having some trouble getting my program to run. I don't get any errors when I try t...
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In this code // Ex8_06.cpp // Adding CBox objects #include <iostream> // Fo...
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