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Problems with outputing data from a text file
Hi all, I really need some help and real fast. I am trying to simply display data from a textfile. H...
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by BandK
Please help
Please help :( This is what i want... empty string is what ...
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passing an ofstream as a void* to a callback function
I want to pass an ofstream as a void pointer but, I do not know how to recast it as a ofstream. thi...
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template <class recType, int bTreeOrder> struct bTreeNode { int recCount; recType list[...
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STL issue
I had come over another issue with STL. I am trying to write a program that takes a number 'n' (1 <...
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Cannot understand this syntax...
I have this part of a program, where the matrix is initialised with n x n values of "true". ve...
[6 replies] Last: @Moshops Could have been a char. Or a string. Or a longer int type. ... (by jumper007)
For each functions will be allocated new stek memory. Fine, but where it be? Heap, guess no, probab...
[2 replies] Last: In computer programming, a stack is a container that holds other vari... (by jumper007)
Find the top 3 numbers in a list
I made a list of numbers that the user inputs, and then the program has to find what 3 are the large...
[4 replies] Last: The easiest way is sure the STL sort() function, but I guess you ... (by jumper007)
debugging suddenly stops
for(i =0; i< 2500; i++){ if(i==k){ dist =100000; continue;} euc=0; for(j=0;j<...
[5 replies] Last: Lines 11 to 15 look suspicious. As written: for (i=0; i<2500; i+... (by Chervil)
char array
hello, so i have two char array and basically i want to do this: char message ; c...
[4 replies] Last: In C/C++ there is no assignment operator for arrays. You have to use ... (by vlad from moscow)
Ogg Vorbis Exeption Error
I'm following this tutorial(
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it keeps crashing when i enter password
I made this script, and it compiles with no errors, but when i type in the password, it says "progra...
[1 reply] : char *password = "test"; In C and C++, anything inside " symbols ... (by Moschops)
Asteriks Triangle Nested loop
I've been trying to do this asteriks triangle with nested loop for days and many hours and still no ...
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2D vectors
I am trying to send a 1D vector to 2D vector. I have a table consisting of 2500 rows and 3 colum...
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printing vectors ERROR
hi; i wrote a code taking inputs from a file and then send these inputs to a float variable. fo...
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expression must be a modifiable lvalue
I get something wrong at line 45 with C board when I add two board in "add" function. I had modified...
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Input of C program
I want the program can do that for me. When I enter the name of file in the same folder of .exe, the...
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by ekbass
Pointer Question
I have a question about passing a pointer as an argument to a function. I'm creating a binary searc...
[4 replies] Last: The problem is: root = node; No, clearly root is a Node* as spe... (by cire)
Is this ok for a 2D dynamic array?
Hello, I'm using this code in a project where I need to use a dynamic 2D array. So far it's worki...
[1 reply] : So, you're leaking memory every time you call this function. I suspec... (by cire)
by Ammo
switch statements using int
Hi, I am somewhat new to C++. I am testing switch statements to better understand how they work. I...
[6 replies] Last: Yea I realized it after. If I was using char it would have been okay.... (by Ammo)
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