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passing parameters from one executable program to another
Hello, I have to write two program on a dictionary and another the definition. the dictionary wi...
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Searching a string is broken?
Hello, I'm building a driver that communicate with machines using a socket. I get the data from tho...
[1 reply] : Can you post the implementation of the find method? To me it looks lik... (by AleaIactaEst)
Serial Port Manager Class
Hi, I'm trying to implement a serialport manager class as part of a very large project. The idea is ...
[2 replies] Last: I figure out that the best way to do this is to windows.h to pass a HA... (by rubxcubedude)
Sin Cos Tan table chart
hi guys i need help with this program. i need to produce a table chart of sin cos and tan from angl...
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Need to know what is problem type ?
I want to find an algorithm for this problem which i dont know but i cant even figure out which type...
[1 reply] : I think you can use the minimax algorithm to solve this. (by Peter87)
replace newline with some text
my content : 1234 56789 abcdefgh ijklmnop what I want : 1234 56789 something here.. abcdefgh ...
[3 replies] Last: I've thousand of line, so it's hard to copy and paste.. the method sh... (by cire)
Need help getting my loan calculator to loop
I am having a lot of trouble getting my loan calculator to loop. My program is meant to prompt a use...
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Hey guys, I'm new to c++ field, so i have some questions that i think you guys might could help me w...
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Variadic template functions
I'm currently trying to understand some of the new features in c++11 and i've come across a problem ...
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Using a usb as a "login key"?
Hello, I'm trying to get a usb to work as a "username/password" thing. For example: to login to ...
[1 reply] : It all depends on the OS/Login Process. This isn't quite what you're ... (by kbw)
manage 7.1 sound card with portaudio
how can i play 8 independent sound with 7.1 sound card with portaudio?
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hallo everyone, i am learning about c++ classes. the code below works but can you tell me why the su...
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multithreading in C++ using POSIX
hi, how to implement multitheading using POSIX threads...? pthread_create( &thread1, NULL, print...
[4 replies] Last: You're asking for trouble if you don't use thread classes. It constra... (by kbw)
Sorting two arrays, one of which keeps original location.
Hey guys, have two arrays, string a = {"3","2","1","1"} int b = {0,1,2,3} I want to sort a...
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How do I find out what is pushed in the stack
I am using Visual Studio and I have this C++ recursive program. When I call the recursive function a...
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Trouble with loop
In my Computer Science 1 class we have an assignment were we ask the user the maximum value that one...
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Extracting substrings
My situation is as follows: #include <iostream> #include <string> cin >> word; cout << word....
[2 replies] Last: But how do I use getline(cin, word) to get the exact number of letters... (by edison84)
UML, class heirarhies, documentation: looking for app
I am coding a game engine that is totaling over 19 thousand lines (not including blank lines and com...
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How to Create a C++ program
Write a program that reads in positive integers until the user enters a 0 to signal end of input. Th...
[1 reply] : Use a while loop while(input != 0) (by TheJJJunk)
Trouble with a date validator
I'm still working on this date class, and I'm up to the point where all my overloaded operators are ...
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