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Overloading new and delete
Hi there , Overloading new and delete usually involves assigning memory using malloc(size) and deal...
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inline bool operator < declaration
Hi all, i am doing the following. struct Adjacent { string name1; int distance1,fare1; };...
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Recursive Function
The program should be able to read a file and reverse all the words inside, using recursive function...
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Checking if a variable is assigned to another one
Alright, so I'm wondering how I can check whether one variable is ASSIGNED to another variable (as i...
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by iky
output problem?
hi. im having a problem with my program. i want to print the final score but if it is negative i wan...
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Heyy everybody, I was wondering how i could get a program i made to work on windows (Im on mac). Ev...
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by iky
can someone take a look at this and help me?
when i run this program i am not getting an answer for the equations. i dont know how to put the pro...
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please i need help
im Rodney from South Africa, i need help with a C++ programming assignment, if you can help please s...
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Parameter Help
I made this loop, but how do I make it so it doesn't output numbers below 0 or over 10? It asks f...
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Encryption: The Binary side of things... (1,2)
Hello. I am 'teaching' myself C++ (internet/forums, etc...) and have written some pretty nice progr...
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2nd and 3rd place in my program
// Includes #include "stdafx.h" #include <iostream> #include <stdio.h> #include <conio.h> us...
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Vector of C style strings
I really need some help. this is a simple program, its supposed to create a vector of c style string...
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Please help
The Biggest Loser A new weight loss competition called The Biggest Loser has been initiated. The ob...
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Your advise to change the range of the return value of rand() by using the modulus is not a good ide...
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by Feyy
Copy Constructor
I have some code like the following which is causing me some confusion: #include "OtherClass.h" ...
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Fatal IO error 11
Hi All, I am getting an error during the execution of a program. XIO: fatal IO error 11 (Re...
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Making a command line argument function
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Translating entire program to goto's
Hi guys, Having some issues here. I am required to translate an entire program into SIMPLE C, (g...
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Weird errors when using .cpp file
I have created a header file for an application I am writing but now that it receives more functiona...
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by iky
need help please!!!
hi. i have an assignment due tomorrow and i am a beginner and i need help. i started it and i think ...
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