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What is strncpy
In this code the function strncpy accepts 4 arguments but in the reference here at cplusplus.com it ...
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Pipe and Fork
I have an assignment but i keep running into a wall. I have been researching pipe and fork but nothi...
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by aa93
i am using ubuntu and g++ compier while making a program of data file handling . the program is...
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hash_map error
Hello, Im trying to compiling my code but I have an error and I don't know why. #include <hash_...
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RAW TCP Socket
Hello everyone! I want to send raw tcp socket to my local server... It appears to be run, but "tc...
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by Smac89
directing input to stdin not working
Hi I am working on some code and I just want to build an automated test for it. The problem is that ...
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Using Applescript to run c++ programs in Textwrangler
Hello everyone! I downloaded textwrangler because I wanted a lightweight development environment ...
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how to terminate infinite loop (threading)
Hi, I have question about exiting the while loop. I'm writing code in which I'm creating two threads...
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by xubin
serial programming using termios
Hi guys I'm trying to connect to CISCO router using termios. So I decided to have two threads one f...
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by beakie
System() to string without temp file
Hey. I am trying to work out how to execute the system function and keep the results in a string ...
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How do i run installed programs on linux debian and how to install a gui without internet?
Am new to linux and i dont have any gui installed. I would like 2 know which website 2 go 2, 2 downl...
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by EeAA
tcp filename error
Plaease help me to find my error, I have been trying for a while, cannot figure it out. The fil...
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by Annel
Anyone know what <<<<<HEAD ====== >>>>>>> 8ed3ebc4a01f9cce9eb9542722c64194a525955e means
Hi, I am reading some c++ code on Linux OS. In the header files I saw something like this <<<<...
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[0day] Browser Exploit [CODE] Using C++ for this
Hi, I have translated a HTML script into a C++ code which allows the attacker to simple create a ...
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error in festvox c++ programming
#ifndef include #define include #include "header.h" #include "cstring.h" #include <cstdlib> ...
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