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How do I make an event handler for a button in the MessageBox?
I know how to make buttons with event handlers, and I somewhat know how to do this. What I do is thi...
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.exe files disappear
I was trying to make a new program, but when I build it and run it, the console pops up with nothing...
[6 replies] Last: Thank you for your replies. It seems like Malwarebytes was the issue. ... (by morfaron)
Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
Hello. I'm trying to use VS 2013 (C++), but EVERY TIME I get errors (even on an Hello World!). Exa...
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by aj3423
(IE BHO) Get IWebBrowser2 from BeforeNavigate2 event
I'm working on an IE BHO, in the BeforeNavigate2 event, how can I get the pointer to IWebBrowser2? h...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks, it turns out that the parameters are in the reverse order, so ... (by aj3423)
DirectX - Win32 Problem
Hey guys, I am a noob at c++ programming, and I've been following lessons on youtube about c++ / dir...
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Passing VBA user-defined type to DLL
I have an Excel program that passes parameters to a DLL for use in some calculations. I would like ...
[1 reply] : I think you need to look into SAFEARRAYs Andy How To Pass Arrays Bet... (by andywestken)
Listing files in directory problem
My attempt to list all files/folders in a directory: wstring files ; void getfiles(wstring ...
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EDITED: Retriving File Description and other data.
So this code try to retrieve the language identifying string of the version info and then get the fi...
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by lmsmi1
Designing a GUI with a Visual Editor
I dislike Visual Studio, but want to make a GUI application. I used to use ResEdit to design GUIs, b...
[6 replies] Last: And what if I were to use NetBeans' GUI designing tool, then port the ... (by lmsmi1)
How to obtain file metadata??
I am trying to write a function that detects if a file has been modified since its last input operat...
[2 replies] Last: @ OP: This is a pretty popular need so there are a few ways of going a... (by Computergeek01)
by Maateo
What is "sender"?
Hello. I'm working on a project and I would need some quick help. I have a button and from how I un...
[4 replies] Last: Oh sorry. Yeah, C++/CLI (by Maateo)
How to add a resource file to a project?
I am stuck. I am developing a window with a menu and I added a resource file, and the debugger says ...
[4 replies] Last: Alright thanks. I got it. I love that feeling when you have been progr... (by AceDawg45)
C++ Static Library
I have created a C++ application using OpenGL glut.h file but now i released that the coursework req...
[2 replies] Last: If possible can you please elaborate the above sentence for me. Thank... (by setu9760)
Clearing A getline(cin, string) to use again
Okay so I am royaly frustrated as all hell right now I spent 3 hours looking around the internet t...
[3 replies] Last: I will add the clearing of the string sign1input using the sign1input ... (by mattvogt)
Creating windows with simply way
Hi there! I'm trying to create windows (I know how), but it is a little bit complicated. I have the ...
[12 replies] Last: create your own winAPI wrapper in c/c++ to simplify thing for you, alt... (by tath)
Unexpected behavior of match_results::prefix
I'm noticing some unexpected behavior of the match_results::prefix function with visual studio 2010....
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DLL injected successfully, but it does not run!
Hi all, using CreateRemoteThread and WriteProcessMemory I injected a dll that brings up a message ...
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How will you do code cave injection!? (1,2)
Hey guys, this is a link:
[20 replies] Last: Okay, Im also 14... anyway you are a genius! (by WindowsProgrammer777)
exaplaination of SendMessage in MFC & its equivalent in Qt
Hi Guys, I am porting some files from existing VC++ project into qt and there I have seen sendmessa...
[1 reply] : If you intend on using the application only on windows, use SendMessag... (by modoran)
Problem with Windows Forms
I am having a problem with arguments for my Windows forms application. I am using Visual basic. I...
[3 replies] Last: i dont know. i have never used and hopefully never will use vb. but yo... (by closed account Dy7SLyTq)
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