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how do i make this pushbuttton do something? example: hEdit =CreateWindow(TEXT("button"), T...
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Tool-tip does not appear, going crazy again
O.K. I must admit that with the help of a lot of users I accumulated a lot of C++ knowledge. Now, I ...
[1 reply] : You have missunderstood the msdn example so you are using some wrong ... (by guestgulkan)
Writeing a program to end others
Im a gamer, but I confess i need to play videogames a bit less. I had the idea of writing a program...
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Rendering (1,2)
I have refused for some time now to use a pre-made game engine so, with that said, will anyone help ...
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array, vector & Color
I'm using MS Visual Studio 2010 Professional C++. Following is part of the rich text box that displ...
[1 reply] : Well, news for you: That is C++/CLI, and we consider it a new languag... (by webJose)
Folder Properties
Hi! I already made a function that takes a folder path opens it and read how many files and folders ...
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Help Guys!!!
Hello I'm Pavlos from Greece I'm new in C++ i have an asignment for my exams and i have a problem in...
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Set Values To Array Starting At [0][0]
Hello, How would I go about placing values into a 2d array with these rules for array Type 1 ...
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by dkrazy
Window Color
Hi! I'm trying to figure out how to change the look of the basic program window after making a progr...
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by Ch1156
Cross initialization of HWND??
I am adding stuff to my program and making it work at the same time, this program is to help me by s...
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by Vovin
Another MFC question
Hi, MFC question. I'm parsing the command line within InitInstance() and storing this within memb...
[1 reply] : I still am NOT the guy to ask about MFC, but (by webJose)
by Vovin
Send message from view to CMainFrame
Hi, I'm wanting to do some processing within my app after the view has been drawn. Can I send a m...
[3 replies] Last: Not sure. I don't do or know MFC. You could be missing some connecti... (by webJose)
by antonj
Excel Automation by C++. Fast random Color update
Hi! What I need is fast worksheet update, by C++ program. The problem is that I want to update ba...
[4 replies] Last: Well, I can't... I'm using Excel as visualization for MySQL database d... (by antonj)
by Ch1156
Windows 7 looking Buttons (1,2)
I am working on a program and i would like the buttons to have a Windows 7 look, i found this code t...
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by Giri89
Visual C++ 2010 - File not Found
Hi Guys, When I try and compile a project, I am receiving the following error: Unable to star...
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BM_SETIMAGE not working
As I see in a lot of tutorials and forums, BM_SETIMAGE should be a piece of cake, but this is C++ (a...
[1 reply] : Your send message is not right - It should be: SendMessage(mybutton,... (by guestgulkan)
OpenCV applications using VS2010
I am struggling to get opencv set up using visual studio 2010. I am trying to follow guides and I f...
[4 replies] Last: when are you getting the error (where are you in my tutorial)?? (sorry... (by arijspieter)
net beans output in console (C++)
Hey there, can we obtain output of a c++ program in net beans IDE on a console i.e. in the console w...
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BorlandC++ Builder Launch a Web Site
Hi, I need help about launching a web site in default browser using Borland ( button click = laun...
[1 reply] : Your cracked version of Borland is not good, drop it and get a real co... (by modoran)
Access to the extended toolbar button styles
Hello, me again I have a toolbar TBBUTON and a lot of style that could be applied to it. Unfortunat...
[5 replies] Last: if you use Mingw then you must define manually _WIN32_IE and _WINVER, ... (by modoran)
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