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Link error: undefined reference to `AccessibleObjectFromPoint@16'
Hi all I am trying to execute this using mingw, windows 7 (and wxwidgets) POINT ptScreen; ptScr...
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mixint c# with c++
HI, In my project I am using c# lib which is using OpenXMl internally I like to use this in Nati...
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Stack Around 'pfd' Corrupted
Alright, so I've decided to just use WinAPI a while back, and things were working fine. Since I plan...
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Which Curl package for Windows 7 64 bit?
I am also a beginner but when I searched 'Curl' it brought this forum. I used Java, as an amateur, ...
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by gsri
Pattern matching in system path using C++ functionalities
I am working on Installation of particular Qt based Windows GUI application, which needs DLLs to be ...
[1 reply] : It's probably better to write a list of installed files along with the... (by kbw)
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