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accessing locked files
i want read and write access to a file but i can't access it because it is used by another process. ...
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how to handle CBN_SELCHANGE
i'm trying to cahnge pen's color with combobox in WM_COMMAND i handled this ID IDDT_COMBO (ID for my...
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Changing the Cursor icon
i want to change the icon of the cursor icon for my current process(it's a console application). ca...
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by Owain
Hello, dose anybody know where the registry values for the Windows Firewall are located? I want my p...
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Winsock - laggy movements
I've made a nice multi-client server game using Winsock however the movements are quite laggy. My cu...
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exit event x button
how am i to save a list class using this isee no way to pass the class object or make the handler a ...
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C++ Socket Error
All, I have used sockets for a while and this UDP code. I don't understand why it doesn't work w...
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FLTK Installation
Hello, I'm working through Stroustrup's book Programming Principles and Practice Using C++ with the...
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Access url sourcecode
Hi! I am looking for a way to access the sourcecode of several websites using c++ (Visual Studio ...
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Getting wrong file creation date
Hi everybody, I'm trying to make a program to get the file creation or access or modification date,...
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Calculator Console App
Hello, I am making a console calculator app in Visual Studio 2012 RC (Beta). I want the user to sel...
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Auto browsing?
How would I go about learning how to code something like this: I'd like to write a program, that wh...
[5 replies] Last: Yes, with C++ it's possible. You want to use the "winhttp.lib" if you... (by toneewa)
Which way to control a couple of servos from an Arduino board using Visual Studio 2010?
[1 reply] : Start a new project, link it to the libraries that Arduino supplies wi... (by Computergeek01)
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