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Pay slip
Can anyone help me? I dont know where to start on making my payslip program i just have the password...
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by h4344
Cant get Virtual Keys to work with a switch statement
Im simply trying to have it so if a user presses for example F1 then the program does whatever i hav...
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RegSetValueEx Error 5 (Access Denied)
Hello Guys. I'm im troubles... Every time when i try run this i recive the ERROR 5 RegSetValueEx....
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WSASend returns 10054
Hi all, I am working on socket programming. I am using asynchronous socket APIs to send and recei...
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Windows portable device (WPD) help needed
I need to access and transfer files from a WPD. I have the windows driver kit, but really need to ac...
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by zubat
Problem with list / struct
Hello, i got a problem with my c++ code where i using struct to make variables to my list. The ...
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Worth learning win32 at the moment?
I heard windows 8 will be realeasing WinRT upon release and will surpass win32. Is it worth learning...
[1 reply] : my reason for learning win32 is to learn more about low level stuff, t... (by Hit)
by knudmt
IPropertyStore vs C++ media_duration?
Does anybody know how to implement the IPropertyStore in vs C++ to obtain media metadata?
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Reuse window connections?
I try to create a connection to a network share using WNetAddConnection2, to copy some files it. Som...
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can anyone tell me how to do the parsing?
i have the information as shown below. I have to parse the DATA PART that i will get from a machine...
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How to write a TLB (TypeLibrary) Parser?
Hi I would like to write a program which can extract the ActiveX names and its RVA. As I was search...
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cannot convert from 'const char [14]' to 'LPCWSTR'-problems
EDIT Solution found on Google: I had to change from unicode to MBCS. I changed the setting in the...
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by knudmt
Write to memory with C++
Hi all, I am trying to alter some code to write a .wav file to memory. I have no idea how to do s...
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by Curtis
How to access System::Object^ sender
Given: private: System::Void MyMethod(System::Object^ sender, System::EventArgs^ e) { Where ...
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TABSTOP controls
I'm having trouble moving around my Win32 app with the TAB key. I'm using only the windows pre-exist...
[1 reply] : I don't know of a better way to do it, but I've got it working. The ... (by Stewbond)
error 126 - The specified module could not be found.
Hi everyone, Ive been just learning how to make/use dll files and Ive come up with thiss error (thr...
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Operator overloading problem with Ms Visual studio
Dear forum Members, I have recently observed a very strange error when I tried to run a small test p...
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Bizzare: variables need to be declared twice, values stored in variables are not saving, help please
Good afternoon, I'm trying to compile code I found here
[1 reply] : 1. : I don't see enough of the code to tell what's going on (maybe it'... (by coder777)
Editing a bitmap in memory with no HDC
I want to create a bitmap in memory (not linked to any window) and then passing it around. I then wa...
[1 reply] : Ok, solved, I didn't think it was possible to pass NULL to CreateCompa... (by mlpnkobji)
by mrfany
Creating dialogue from DLL under Windows XP
Good afternoon! I'm trying to create a dialog box from a DLL. The window is created and everythin...
[1 reply] : Got any code? (by bobdabilder)
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