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Last 4 Digits of SSN
Hey Guys, I need MAJOR help. I'm a C++ noob and I need to find out the code to read the last 4 digit...
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by ahcfan
Export class member functions & data from DLL
If the class definition is in a header which is included in my project but the implementation is in ...
[1 reply] : (by webJose)
hi all :) Im having trouble with this error (WSAEWOULDBLOCK). It would be better if I start with th...
[8 replies] Last: Ive looked at that article, but since I didnt understand much of the c... (by julof26)
by PacR
Visual C++ 2010 - Windows Froms Application & WinPcap
Hello i am trying to make a packet capture application similar to Wireshark with visual C++ 2010 - ...
[12 replies] Last: You can use You can use Visual Studio built in resource editor for a ... (by PacR)
Help to find a microphone clicker code
I need a code for a button that click on the hands free button when it's available in a chat room
[1 reply] : Sounds like you want to automate a user interface. Read about UI Auto... (by webJose)
keyboard input
Is it possible to get the keyboard input every step in the program loop? When I try WM_KEYDOWN I get...
[2 replies] Last: That might do. I'll give it a try. (by en liten kille)
how to put libraries in a window??
hi there im a new c++ programmer and i have a qustion,(im not an english speaker so beware), im plan...
[1 reply] : Well, you're going quite fast. First, choose: From scratch or from an ... (by S G H)
Getting text from an edit box
How can I access the text from edit box? I create it like this: //Global HWND EditBox; //WndProc ...
[5 replies] Last: WM_COMMAND for controls like Edit boxes are also handy because they ca... (by Texan40)
Using tab to navigate
So I made an app, now everything works fine, except when you press the TAB key the error sound is pl...
[10 replies] Last: WS_TABSTOP for edit boxes or the whole window? For the parent (main... (by modoran)
Vec3f not defined
I am trying to create a vector<Vec3f> in Visual C++ 2010, but somehow the compiler keeps telling me ...
[2 replies] Last: Well, that was the main problem, I didn't have a clue where the damn t... (by mjepson)
LPWSTR to std::string
The win32 api mostly uses the wchar_t and LPWSTR stuff to work with, and those types are incompatibl...
[15 replies] Last: Files (and other communication) are best in UTF-8, since there are no ... (by Cubbi)
Getting call to UPDATE_COMMAND_UI in case of toolbar
Hi, I have a dialog in MFC application, which was having menu-bar. Now I have created a toolbar i...
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Please help me(
Hello Everybody!!! Can anyone help me with my problem in C++, I've got window, which written with co...
[2 replies] Last: You could design a new dialog box and present it there. If you want s... (by webJose)
GDI drawing in picture control
Hello there I have an MFC-application where I've put a picture control in the form-dialog. I am d...
[2 replies] Last: Well, MFC is pretty ancient/outdated. There're much better GUI API's o... (by coder777)
I need to invoke other exe programme in my project.
In my project,I need invoke other exe programme.which function should I use,and How to use it? My d...
[1 reply] : You would use CreateProcess() or ShellExecute() or ShellExecuteEx(). (by webJose)
A guide or survey on software integration techniques
Hi, As a part of our project's analytical phase, I am doing a research on the methods of putting so...
[1 reply] : I don't think that there's actually a best or even better solution for... (by coder777)
I need a way to capture keys when app's out of focus.
In windows the GetAsyncKeyState() returns a boolean depending on whether the key value passed to it ...
[1 reply] : The easiest way to receive characters is to process a WM_CHAR message ... (by Abramus)
Problem with Panel
Hello Everybody!!! I started new game (Sea Battle) with code. But I have a problem! I have b...
[5 replies] Last: if(LOWORD(wParam) == ID_BUTTON1){ //Here I want to show next Pane... (by maximus110496)
SOCKS5 Proxy through TOR
So this amazing idea came to me when I was starting out my idea for same application. My Idea is to...
[3 replies] Last: [quote=Tezzsun]Second, I have no idea how to make TOR launch in the ba... (by dunmerthief)
visual studio 2010 noob
In microsoft visual studio 2010 I want to use a command line to run my program and compile it. also ...
[5 replies] Last: You can go to view->Other Windows->Command Window, and you will have a... (by htirwin)
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